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Kaleidoscope of Colleges and Cultures Registration

We have had a few recent inquiries about the Kaleidoscope of Colleges and Cultures (KCC) program typically held at the Corvallis campus.

This program is designed to promote access to higher education for underserved and diverse communities. It is a perfect opportunity to introduce them to college through a visit to Oregon State and to plant vital seeds for their future.

To accommodate the large number of programs being held on campus this spring, including the African-American Youth Leadership Conference, the 4-H Outreach Leadership Institute and the 2014 PNACAC Conference, we will not be able to hold KCC on campus this year.

While this is disappointing for us, we still want to serve you and your students through our Group Visit program where we can provide a campus tour, a college admission and program overview, and perhaps connect your group with our Educational Opportunities Program staff to discuss support systems for under-represented students at Oregon State.

We look forward to meeting you and your students.

With warm regards,

Noah Buckley
Director of Admissions
Oregon State University