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Announcing EVRG/PDF:
English Versification, 1570-1980, A Reference Guide
With a Global Appendix(1981), now available in hypertext, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

New Features: The entire text of the original 1981 print edition; Full-text Indexing of every word across six thousand items; Fully Hyperlinked from two Tables of Contents down to the text,across every chapter, and to and from the Indexes; Quick Jumps to TOCs and Help and Index available on every page; Extensive use of Color; Proportional font, now easy to read and attractive (bye bye Courier).

Limitations: Two or three graphics are not rebuilt (you could volunteer); Some light corrections are included but no addenda or corrigenda; Eidos supplemental bibliographies are not included.

Requirements: You'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader; the most recent version is ver. 3.01, but 3.0 will do; 2.0 I believe will not work but might; I haven't tried it. Reader version 3 is free for the download at: <>.<Correction 1> For all practical purposes you need a 17" monitor, but 256 colors is fine. About 32M of memory would be good; the PDFs have long filenames so they'll only work on Win95/98/NT.<Correction 2> If you own, or buy, Adobe Acrobat Exchange, you can add personal, hypertext Post-It Notes to your copy of EVRG/PDF that are permanent (until you delete them). A little yellow icon appears on the page where you put the note; click the icon to open it. You can openand read Notes in Reader, but you can only create them in Exchange.<Correction 3>

How to Obtain: You can download the entire book as one zipped file called evrgpdfs.exe from: Download EVRG. This is an executable file: just run it to install. The size of this zipped file is about 5.3 Meg. When you run this extractor, the default unzip directory is C:\EVRG. If you ever move the files later, make sure that the subdirectory called \Index remains below \EVRG. Otherwise full-text indexing won't work. Or you can retrieve the individual PDF files one at a time (there are about 32 ) by clicking on the link "Download EVRG as separate PDF files" in Download EVRG Each chapter file is about 150-250 K. If your phone line or ISP is flaky and you can't keep a good connectionto the Net at at 28.8, I strongly encourage you to download and useGetRight (ver. 3.2), a wonderful shareware program thatlets you resume interrupted downloads in midstream: <>.

What's The Least You Need: If you only want one file, such as Middle English, for example, you need to get the TOCs and Indexes and Help files also; those are zipped into a file called that's about 400 K. If you only take separate files, the full-text indexing will not work :-( .

What Do You Do First after download? Once Acrobat Reader is installed, READ the HELP file: _Help.pdf. You need to get comfortable with Thumbnails and Zoom first; then you can fly around in the text. The main file for the book is _evrg.pdf. All the EVRG/PDF files open up in Continuous Facing Pages View, which shows you, normally, parts of 2-4 pages. Zoom in with the Zoom toolor reset the View to 100% to see the text full size. Buttons at tops of pages and elsewhere are always hot. The extra Quick Jump buttons at the top of the Indexes are especially cool. How Do You Repay Me? You send me addenda or corrigenda or lists of other or newer citations in Word .doc file format; any version of Word is fine. You tell other people about this hyperbook and you pass it around.Read the Usage doc (button on Title Page) if you want to cite or quote from EVRG/PDF.

T. V. F. Brogan
Christmas 1998


<1> Acrobat Reader is now at version 5.1. All of the EVRG PDF files are compatible with later versions of Acrobat Reader.

<2> The PDF files are now Mac compatible.

<3> Adobe no longer manufactures Acrobat Exchange. The same capabilities described are now available with Acrobat.

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This page updated March 3, 2004