Willamette Valley Field Crops Extension provides research-based information for  commercial cereal grain, grass seed, legume seed and oil crop producers. This page is hosted by Oregon State University Extension Service - Department of Crop and Soil Science.


2017 Pesticide Applicator License Study Manual

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Pest Alert: Grasshopper

Alert Bulletin

Pest Alert: True Armyworm

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Winter Cutworm: Crop pest in western Oregon

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Yield data is now available for the 2016 OSU Willamette Valley Wheat Variety Trials:

2016 North WV Trials

2016 South WV Trials


Field Crop Guides:

Postharvest Residue Management for Grass Seed Production in Western Oregon

Applying Lime to Raise Soil pH for Crop Production (Western Oregon)

Soil Acidity in Oregon: Understanding and Using Concepts for Crop Production

Perennial Ryegrass Grown for Seed (Western Oregon)

Tall Fescue Grown for Seed (Western Oregon)