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Now that you're wrapping up your first week as an Oregon State student, how are you feeling about your classes? Are you thinking about a course you'd like to add? Or maybe one you're taking isn't right for you?

Talk to your adviser! The first-year website has a handy directory of advising offices for each college. He or she can answer questions and advise whether you should add or drop a class. That's why they're called advisers, you know.

Week 1 is the best time to add or drop a class, and you can do it online. Here’s how:

  • Choose Online Services at the top of the Oregon State website, then Online Services Login.
  • Enter your ONID username and password.
  • Once you're logged in, choose Registration, then Register/Add/Drop Classes from the menu. From Select Term, choose Fall 2012 to see your current class schedule.
  • If you want to add a class, and you know its Course Reference Number (CRN), enter it in the Add Class table.
  • But since this is your first week, you probably don't know the CRN, so click the Class Search button. Choose the subject area, then Course Search. You'll see a list of courses offered in that subject for this term. Choose View Sections to see which classes are available.
  • If the class is open, check the box under Select, then click Register.
  • The system will tell you if you have a time conflict with an existing class. If you still want to take the class, you can click Add to Worksheet. This will take you back to your Current Schedule with the CRN added to the Add Classes Worksheet.
  • Find the class on your current schedule with the time conflict, choose Drop/Delete from the drop down menu under Action, then click Submit Changes. This class will be dropped and the new class will be added.
  • If you just want to drop a class, go to the drop down menu under Action, choose Drop/Delete, then Submit Changes.

You can still add or drop a class after Week 1, but you'll need department approvalĀ  to add a class if you wait until Week 2. If you want to drop a class, you'll need to do it by the end of Week 2 to get a refund on your tuition and fees. The Office of the Registrar has more information about registering for classes.

For more tips and information, visit the first-year student website. Enjoy your weekend!

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