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The design phase for a project to construct a new regional class research vessel to replenish the United States academic fleet is complete

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The mitochondrial DNA from more than a thousand sperm whales examined during the past 15 years came from a single “Eve” sperm whale tens of thousands of years ago.


A group of researchers concluded today in a study in the journal BioScience that “hydropeaking” of water flows on many rivers in the West has a devastating impact on aquatic insect abundance.

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Climate change and population growth will have an enormous impact on the world’s waterways that cross international borders, but economic development may have consequences just as far-reaching.

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Although coastal regions of the Greenland Ice Sheet are experiencing rapid melting, much of the sheet's interior has remained stable – but a new study suggests that may not continue.


If widely adopted, a new approach to making cement could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, help address global warming, produce a more durable concrete, and save industry time and significant costs.


2016 Commencement

OSU will host the 147th commencement ceremony on June 11. More information