West Hall: Home of the University Honors College


The University Honors College  is proud to feature West Hall as the primary residence of the Honors community. Located on the west side of campus next to the Marketplace West dining area, West Hall is one of the most desirable living spaces on campus. West offers students unique amenities such as suite-style rooms; computing, printing, and collaborative resources; and a large kitchen facility. As the home to many of Oregon State’s most engaged and active students, the West community is a stimulating social and intellectual environment that will be a touchstone throughout your years at Oregon State University.

Space in West is limited and only students who have been admitted to the UHC will be able to confirm a room in West Hall. In order to have the best chance at reserving a room in West follow the procedures listed below:

1. Prior to May 1st, apply for housing on the University Housing and Dining Services website.  Once you have submitted your housing application, you will be able to return to the roommate search to see applicant profiles and identify potential roommates.

2. If your first priority is to live in West Hall, you will want to find a roommate who has also been admitted into the UHC. After March 31, 2014, there will be a search feature available in the Roommate Matching Network™ to see those applicants who have also been admitted into the Honors College. Only students who have been admitted to the UHC will be able to confirm a room in West Hall.

3. If you have selected a roommate who is not in the UHC consider selecting a room in Cauthorn Hall, just next door to West. Limited space in Cauthorn has been reserved through the room selection process for Honors students who select roommates who have not been admitted to the UHC. All Honors students will have access to Honors facilities and activities in West.

4. Prior to May 30th, pay your advanced tuition deposit (ATD) to Oregon State, registered for a START orientation session, and sign a housing contract online.

5. Room selection begins for UHC students on June 2, 2014. You are encouraged to reserve a room on the 2nd or soon after. If you do not participate in the room selection process by July 1, 2014, University Housing and Dining Services will assign you a roommate and a hall based on your application profile and space availability. This automatic placement may be in a room that is not in West Hall. 

See more Important Dates in the housing selection process.