Student Jobs

Web Assistant - Marketing & Communications (Apply by Oct. 30)

Building Services Assistant (Hiring now for academic year)

Landscape Student Workers (Immediate Opening) 

UHDS Waste Management Student Worker (Apply before Sep. 15th)

Orchard Court Community Assistant (Apply before Sep. 16th 5:00pm)

To apply, please submit the following to brittany.klemm@oregonstate.edu:

  • A resume
  • A cover letter addressing the following prompts:
    • What interests you in the OCCA position?
    • What skills and/or experiences do you have that will help you be successful in the position?
    • In reflecting upon a time in which you interacted with someone who held a different social identity to yours, what challenges did you encounter, what did you learn from your experience, and how could you apply that to your role as OCCA?

Dining and Catering Jobs:

University Housing & Dining Services, and Dining Services specifically, employs hundreds of student staff in a variety of locations, including: Arnold, McNary, Bing's, Marketplace West, Cascadia Market, Peets Coffee & Tea, and OSU Catering. Dining Services includes student positions in food preparation, retail food sales, dining operations, and customer service. To find out if you are eligible for student employment, please consult the OSU Student Employment Manual

We are seeking applications for Dining Centers, Catering and Conferences. All student positions must be familiar with the 2015-16 Dining Services Student Handbook (pdf).

If you have questions about the dining jobs application process, feel free to email DiningApplication@oregonstate.edu.