'The Shelter of Your Arms'

From her earliest years, Dianne always tended to take the side of anyone who didn’t seem to fit in. Her dad and mom used to tease her that she was always caring too much for the underdog.

When she was about 12 years old and caught up in the rigors and demands of junior high school, she became aware of a woman who worked with her mom at an alternative high school. This individual was a single parent without very much money to help raise two young children. At Christmas time, Dianne’s mom brought home a discussion about the difficulty for some families to afford an extra special Christmas because they didn’t have the means to go out and buy an abundance of gifts. The conversation centered around general details but it somehow registered with Dianne that there were a lot of families who were not nearly as fortunate as she was.

Dianne had been working through the previous summer babysitting and saving any extra allowance money to use for her own Christmas shopping. With her uncanny intuition she somehow heard about the woman at her mom’s office who wasn’t going to be able to provide even a few gifts for her children.

Without anyone’s knowledge or help, Di somehow managed to slip a $100 bill from her very own money into an envelope and tuck it inside the young mother’s desk drawer the last day of school before Christmas vacation. She wrote a note reminding this woman to remember the spirit of Christmas was in giving; that a secret angel had arranged to provide her family with something extra to insure their Christmas might have some degree of celebration. 

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