Roommate Selection

Roommate Matching

University Housing & Dining Services is proud to offer the Roommate Matching to students applying for on-campus housing.

  1. Create a personal profile
  2. Review the profiles of other students
  3. Choose roommate(s) based on compatible interests
  4. Select your potential roommate and contact them

Students can begin using the Roommate Matching as soon as they apply for housing. Students who do not select a roommate or do not find a roommate using the Roommate Matching will be paired, using an automated process, based on their profile and building preferences. Information published on the Roommate Matching should be considered public.

Finding Roommates on Facebook

Students may also find roommates on the UHDS facebook page. Check the discussions tab for a list of students looking for roommates!

Roommate Requests

Roommate requests must be 100% mutual to be considered valid. Room type must match roommate request! If you select a single room and roommate, you will most likely be assigned a single room, without your roommate. If you select a double room and two roommates, you will NOT be assigned a triple room with your roommates. We do not allow the option for 4 students to select to live in a suite. 

Roommate Selection Tips

Take your time choosing a roommate.

  1. Contact your soon-to-be roommate early.
  2. Plan to meet in person if the opportunity is available.
  3. If you have selected a roommate and the selection is mutual, please contact anyone else you have considered. This will allow them adequate time to select a different roommate.
  4. Once you have mutually selected a roommate, please check to see that your building preferences are the same. Note that you will be assigned based on the preferences of the person with the earliest application completion date.

Roommate Selection Deadline

Please make your roommate selection by June 1st. Every effort will be made to accommodate your roommate request. Applicants will be placed together based on room availability. If you are applying after June 1st you are welcome to participate in the Roommate Matching; however, due to limited fully open rooms, roommate matching may not be possible.

Living with a Roommate

Changing Rooms

For current UHDS residents who want to change rooms, simply follow the steps on the page below to complete your room change.