Prepare for move-out


As we near the end of spring term, it is time to think about moving out of your hall. Our staff are prepared to help with your departure and will be on hand to answer questions as you move out. If you are an INTO OSU student a separate email will be coming to you with additional information.

All halls start to close at Noon on Friday, June 12:

  • Students are expected to move out within 24 hours of their last final. If you need to stay late due to a late final or graduation ceremonies, please sign up for Late Stay on MyUHDS no later than Monday, June 1. If approved for late checkout before finals week, you will have a “Room Occupied” sign placed on your door, which allows UHDS staff to know which rooms are occupied when they begin checking rooms on June 12. Please be aware that making a request to stay late is not a guarantee that your request will be approved.
  • Late stay request approvals for Halsell, the International Living-Learning Center and West halls will be very limited due to the small turnover window to prepare those residence halls for Sunday Summer Session move-in.  

Move out process:

Step 1: Inform

  • Inform your RA ahead of time about when you will be moving out of your room, most likely during your end of year floor meeting. If you do not move-out by your stated time, or do not work to inform our staff of your intended move out date and time, you may be assessed a $50.00 Improper Checkout Fee.

Step 2: Clean

Step 3: Depart

  • After your room is empty and clean, return your key(s) to the Service Center for your building. If the Service Center is closed, please call the hall duty phone. You must turn in your key(s) to an RA if your Service Center is not open, or you may be charged an improper checkout fee.
  • You can request a RA to view your space before you turn in your key(s) but you still may be assessed charges from the room inspection that happens after the building is closed.
  • If your room is not empty and clean, you will be asked to complete those tasks before you can turn in your key(s).

Move-Out Donation Drive

Move Out Donation Drive

Click here to learn how you can participate in the Move-Out Donation Drive.

Important Notes to Assist a Smooth Move out Process: 

  • Your room will receive an official inspection for damages by UHDS staff after the building has closed. Any damages found will be charged to your student account. If there are multiple residents in a room, charges will be split across all contracted residents for the space. All damage charges will be charged to your student account by July 1st.
  • You must check your ONID email and your OSU student account frequently during the summer for added move-out-related charges. If you do not agree with any charges, please immediately submit a UHDS Financial Appeal, per the guidelines found here: http://uhds.link/myuhds.
  • Update your mailing address with OSU Online Services. Service Centers will forward mail until August 1.
    • After which time, all mail will be returned to sender.
    • Please remember to take your bikes with you when moving out. All bikes that are left behind after June 12 will be removed by Public Safety and taken to surplus property.

Dining Plans:

  • You must use all of your UHDS Dining Dollars by the end of the day Friday, June 12, 2015, any unused UHDS Dining Dollars after that date are forfeited. Orange Rewards funds do not expire and are with you your time as a student at OSU. Log on to your MyUHDS account: http://uhds.link/myuhds to see your current Dining Dollar and Orange Rewards balance.
  • The UHDS Dining Dollar Budget Guide at http://oregonstate.edu/uhds/moneymatters can help you manage the remaining dollars on your account during the last few weeks of the academic year. Unused UHDS Dining Dollars can be used to purchase food items that will be donated to support the Linn-Benton Food Share.
  • The last day to change your meal plan is June 1.

Summer Session Housing and Housing for 2015-2016:

  • For more information about summer session housing during Summer 2015, please visit UHDS Summer Housing.
  • If you are still looking for housing for 2015-2016 we still have space available on campus and you still can receive a $900 rebate off of the room rate. APPLY TODAY!

We thank you for living with us on campus this year. For more information on the closing process, please visit http://oregonstate.edu/uhds/moving-out-uhds-facilities.  We wish you a wonderful summer, and hope to see you back in September!  If you have any questions please call us toll free at 1-541-737-4771 or email us at housing@oregonstate.edu.