Polling Hall

Poling Hall

Poling Hall houses approximately 300 residents on 4 floors, and is part of the residence hall quad on the west side of campus. There is a full-time, master's level, live-in Resident Director serving Poling Hall along side two Resident Assistants (RAs) on each floor and an Academic Learning Assistant (ALA). Rooms are co-ed by neighbor with a men's and women's bathroom on each floor. Poling Hall was upgraded in 2010. Poling Hall also hosts the international roommate option through INTO-OSU.

2015-2016: Poling Hall has substance-free area on the 4th floor.

2015-2016: Poling Hall has a study intensive area (quiet floor) on the 5th floor.

2016-2017: Beginning fall 2016, all new freshmen pursuing a major with the College of Business will be required to live in Poling or Weatherford per a new College of Business academic requirement. Any current 2015-2016 residents will be allowed to return regardless of major.

First year students with the following majors must live in Weatherford or Poling Hall:

  • Pre-Business
  • Pre-Finance
  • Pre-Business Information Systems (BIS)
  • Pre-Management
  • Pre-Accountancy
  • Pre-Marketing
  • Pre-Merchandising Management
  • Pre-Apparel Design
  • Pre-Interior Design
  • Pre-Graphic Design

Amenities & Services

Featured Accessibility Options 

  • Select rooms with ADA Strobes
  • Accessible suite with a caregiver room available on the first floor

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Room Plans

Poling room plan