Retaining and Hiring Qualified Professionals from Historically Underrepresented Communities


This group is tasked with increasing capacity to support and retain student and professional staff from historically underrepresented groups. We commit to research innovative ideas in regards to recruiting for employment opportunities at OSU, in order to reach and obtain a more diverse applicant pool for available positions.

Task Force Members

Kerry McQuillin*, Jennifer Viña*, Eric Hansen, Teresita Alvarez, Valerie Mouw, Nancy Raskauskas


  • Create a work climate and environment that is designed to help all employees, including those from historically underrepresented communities to be successful.
  • Increase competencies necessary to invite and attract people from historically underrepresented communities to work for University Housing & Dining Services.


  • Developed UHDS Human Relations Advisory Group (past)
  • Piloted and implemented Search Advocate Policy, requiring a Search Advocate on all unclassified positions (past)
  • Pilot Training for Search Advocates and Chairs for all UHDS positions (present)
  • Exploring and developing expansion of Search Advocate Policy to include classified searches (present)
  • Develop Professional Faculty Search Checklists (present)
  • Trained staff to become Racial Aikido facilitators (past)
  • Developed Multicultural Resource Guide for orientation of faculty and staff from historically underrepresented communities (past)
  • Assess how we can better serve our current faculty and staff from historically underrepresented communities (ongoing)
  • Explore innovative ideas regarding the use of social media to post available employment opportunities at OSU to reach the most diverse audience possible (future)


Kerry McQuillin

Jennifer Viña

Time commitment / involvement opportunities

  • Minimal time commitment - twice monthly meetings that last approximately an hour; opportunities for involvement range from full subgroup participation to attendance of campus and/or community events.