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As part of the First Year Experience program, Oregon State University requires full-time, first-year students to live on campus. This provides a tremendous opportunity for OSU faculty, staff, and student groups to promote their services, programs, and/or events to the residential community. This document has been created to provide the process and procedures for the OSU community to engage the residential students. Below are the many options available to the potential OSU departments, units, and groups.

General Promotion Policy Guidelines

General Promotion Policy Restrictions

Promotion Opportunities

Beaver Movie Channel Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Chalking – External Sidewalk Surfaces

Tabletop Displays/Table Tents - Dining Centers

Event Tables/Information Tables – Service/Dining Centers

General Bulletin Boards/Posting Areas – Halls, Service/Dining Centers

Free Speech Boards/Posting Areas - Service/Dining Centers

Fall 2014 Move-in Promotion


General Promotion Policy Guidelines

  1. All OSU departments and registered student organizations and clubs may submit announcements to be considered for distribution. 
  2. UHDS staff members will work with campus colleagues in approving placement of promotional items in UHDS facilities as long as the promotion has an academic purpose, affiliation with a recognized student group or OSU department and meets fire safety expectations.
  3. Policies in the UHDS Policy Guide apply to all material posted on bulletin boards/display areas. 
  4. All advertisements must be nonprofit organization or for campus affiliated activities, groups, events.
  5. The name of the sponsoring organization, name of the president (or other leader or contact person), and a current phone number must be displayed on each promotional piece displayed.
  6. All promotional pieces should include the following statement: For alternative formats or accommodations related to a disability, please contact (sponsoring department contact name) at (phone or email).
  7. All promotional pieces should include the following statement: Accomodation requests related to disability should be made by [specific date] to [sponsoring department contact person, phone number, and email address].
  8. As Residence Halls are secured as private residences, UHDS community members not residing in the respective facilities must bring materials to the UHDS Central Office – 102 Buxton Hall) for distribution.   
  9. Promotional information must have pertinent information (i.e. dates, times, contacts, etc.) written in English, or in the case of foreign language exhibits, must be accompanied by an English language translation to ensure communication with the overall University community.


General Promotion Policy Restrictions

  1. Posting of events or activities that are not affiliated with OSU departments and registered student organizations, whether on or off-campus, is not permitted in or on any UHDS-operated facility.  Students or representatives of the advertised organizations may be referred to Student Conduct for disciplinary action.
  2. Posters, bulletins, tabletop displays and all other media that has not been approved per the above processes may be immediately removed and any physical damages will be charged to those responsible parties.
  3. Unaccompanied non-residents attempting to gain access and/or use space within residential or dining facilities may be referred to Student Conduct and/or Oregon State Police for trespassing. 
  4. Door to door solicitation is not allowed in any of the UHDS facilities.
  5. UHDS promotion opportunities may not be used by commercial vendors or for “for profit” activities or for any purpose that would be in direct competition with fee-based services of University Housing & Dining Services.
  6. Recruitment of students for on-campus living groups such as Greek Life will only be approved for spring term, and only after the UHDS Priority Housing Selection Process and all recontracting for residential students is completed.  Please see “Free Speech Board” information for exceptions. 
  7. Promotional items or promotion placement not explicitly included in this policy are not allowed.

Promotion Opportunities

Beaver Movie Channel Advertising

When a movie is viewed on BMC an ad, "bumper" video, is included at the start of each movie that the viewer cannot fast forward through. UHDS charges for advertising space that promotes non-UHDS programs. See details below:

Click here for details or to submit an ad on the BMC


Social Media Advertising

UHDS periodically communicates with residents of UHDS facilities via e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter or other electronic media outlets with which approved groups can include announcements.

Text should be limited to 60 words or less and include a link to the sponsoring group’s website or other electronic information for additional information and questions.

The announcement will be posted on the UHDS electronic media for no more than two (2) weeks.

Contact our online marketing specialist for more information about ways to highlight student-centric events on our webpage, enewsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and more.



Approved groups can use chalk on sidewalk surfaces near dining centers to promote their activities, causes, or events.

Chalking is allowed on flat sidewalk surfaces that are NOT protected by overhangs and that are more than 30 feet from an exterior entrance to the facility. Chalking is not allowed on stairs, entryways, building exteriors, foundations, etc.

Chalking may be done a maximum of five (5) business days in advance of the date of the event.  If not faded or washed away following the actual event, the sponsoring organization is responsible for removing all chalking.

Requests should be made through an online request form at least five (5) business days prior to the desired chalking day.


Table Top Displays/Table Tents

Each of the four UHDS dining facilities has tabletop displays on many of the dining tables in the facility.

Display cards must be no larger than 4”x6” in size. 

Each dining facilities accommodates a specific amount of tabletop displays:

  • Arnold – 60
  • Bings -   6
  • McNary – 80
  • MPW – 135
  • Total - 287

Those requesting to display items in all dining centers will need to sort and label their pieces by the respective dining center and bring them to the UHDS Central Office at 102 Buxton Hall for distribution.

Cards will be displayed for no less than three (3) consecutive business days, typically once per term.  Duration of display is flexible based on demand. 

Requests should be made through an online request form, where you can upload a copy of your table tent design. Please submit at least five (5) business days prior to the desired chalking day.


Event/Information Tables

Approved groups may reserve event/information table space in the lobby areas of the Marketplace West, McNary Central, and Arnold dining centers.

Tables will be provided by UHDS staff. Use of wall space near the table is prohibited unless on approved posting area.  Organizations must provide their own easel(s) for poster display.  No materials may be left unattended; a representative of the sponsoring organization must be present at all times.

Event/information table space may be reserved up to, but not more than, three consecutive days per reservation.  Consecutive days are exclusive of Saturday or Sunday, i.e., Friday, Monday, and Tuesday equal three consecutive days for the purpose of this protocol. 

Requests should be made through an online request form. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance but must be made at least five (5) business days prior to the desired day of promotion. Sponsors are limited to two three-day reservations per term. 


General Bulletin Boards/Posting Areas

UHDS bulletin board or posting areas viewable by residents and other guests are available in the residence halls, dining centers/service centers, and family housing to promote events or programs that fall within the recognized function of the University as an educational, cultural, and social center. 

Space is limited and posted flyers must be NO larger than 11” X 17”. Posters are limited to one copy per approved location as required by the Fire Marshal. UHDS makes at least one bulletin board or posting area available in each facility, specifically:

  • Residence Halls – 15
  • Family Housing – 1
  • Service/Dining Centers – 5
  • Total - 21

Priority for posting in these areas goes to other UHDS staff and community members in order to promote activities within the department. 

Priority Order when Space is Limited

1.  UHDS/ Residential Education/ RHA/ ICA Sponsored Programs and Events

2.  Academic/ Student Services/ Student Affairs Sponsored Programs and Events

3.  Recognized Student Groups – Program and Event Advertising

Approved postings must have an end date posted.

Approved postings may be displayed for a period of two (2) weeks.  Items will be removed after two (2) weeks or the day after the date of the event, whichever comes first.

Before printing materials fill out the online request form and upload an e-copy of the flyer you are hoping to display OR  bring original flyer to the UHDS Central Office at 102 Buxton Hall for approval PRIOR to printing larger quantity.  Requests must be made at least five (5) business days prior to the desired day of promotion. Specific bulletin board and posting space may not be reserved.


Free Speech Board/Posting Areas - Dining and Service Centers 

In each dining center there is one board designated as and reserved for “Free Speech.”  This board allows users to post without getting approval from UHDS staff.  UHDS assumes no responsibility for materials posted, therefore individuals who utilize the board will be responsible for the maintenance of their posting.  UHDS makes no guarantees as to the space available on the board.

UHDS makes at least one bulletin board or posting area available in each Service/Dining Center, specifically:

  • Service/Dining Centers – 3

Priority Order when Space is Limited

1.  Student residents of a hall/co-op may place individual postings. 

2.  Non-campus (community and non-profit agencies) postings.

Flyers/Advertisements/Postings on the “free information area” will be removed at the end of each term.

No request needed.


Fall 2014 Move-in Promotion

As in past years, UHDS will accept promotional fliers and spirit items from OSU-Affiliated Offices, Student Groups, and Clubs for placement in UHDS residence halls prior to student resident arrival this fall (2014).  We have revised our offering this year to reflect OSU’s Strategic Goals of Healthy People, Healthy Economy and Healthy Planet.

Your organization may choose one of the following options

  • Spirit item (i.e. OSU-branded window cling) - 1 per room, 2,510 total.
  • Spirit item or freebie (i.e. pen, water bottle, notebook, academic calendar book) - 1 per resident, 4,888 total.
  • Poster/Flier (up to 11" x 17" maximum size) - 1 per hall, 20 total.
  • Literature/postcards (up to 8-1/2" x 11" maximum size) - 50 per hall, 750 total.  To be displayed on resource tables in each building for two weeks.

Please carefully review the information below and contact dave.warneking@oregonstate.edu if you have any questions:

  1. Only OSU affiliated offices, clubs, or student groups are eligible for this program.
  2. Fill out the online request form and upload an e-copy of the flyer or picture of the spirit item you are hoping to provide before printing or ordering materials. UHDS will reply within one business day.
  3. Items will need to be bundled and labeled for each building according to the counts below - we will not count out items for each location. 
  4. Please deliver items to the UHDS Central Office (Buxton 102) beginning Tuesday, September 2 and no later than 5pm Thursday, September 11.  This is a firm deadline and items will not be accepted after this date.
  5. Items are not returnable after distribution to halls. Posters/Fliers are displayed for two weeks.


Per Resident Spirit Items

Per Room Spirit Items

Per Hall Literature/Postcards





























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