Loft & Bunk Beds

Many students like to maximize their usable space in student rooms by incorporating lofts for their beds. Loft information differs according to building and floor. Please carefully review the listing below and choose your location.

UHDS-Provided Loft & Bunk Kits

The halls/floors below have beds that have the ability to be lofted or bunked with a UHDS-provided kit. Requests are made online through the MyUHDS website and can be ordered throughout the academic year. Students living in these halls are not allowed to build their own lofts.

The loft and bunk rental price is $200.00, charged to the OSU account, and covers installation and removal by UHDS staff.

    • Buxton Hall
    • Cauthorn Hall
    • Halsell Hall
    • Hawley Hall
    • International Living Learning Center
    • McNary Hall
    • New Student Residence Hall
    • Poling Hall
    • Sackett Hall
    • Weatherford Hall
    • West Hall
    • Wilson Hall, 4th floor

For Fall 2014 loft and bunk requests may be made after July 14, 2014 if the student has been assigned a room, signed their contract, and has confirmed their arrival date.  Based upon availability, all loft and bunk reservations confirmed by August 8, 2014 will be installed by UHDS staff and placed in the student’s room before the school year begins.

If there are no available loft or bunk kits, the student will be placed on the waitlist which continues into the school year. If a loft or bunk kit becomes available, the first student on the list will be notified via ONID email and will have 48 hours to accept. 

The loft and bunk rental price is $200.00, charged to the OSU account, and covers installation and removal by UHDS staff. The fee is nonrefundable and will not be reduced, even if the student moves out early, unless the student cancels their UHDS contract prior to arriving at OSU.

If the student changes rooms to a room which accepts UHDS provided lofts or bunks, the loft can be moved with the student by UHDS staff by submitting a maintenance request through MyUHDS. If a student cancels their contract or moves to an ineligible room, they can transfer the loft to the roommate remaining in the room at no cost as long as there is no waitlist for lofts. 

Students may request to remove a rented loft or bunk kit throughout the academic year by submitting a maintenance request through MyUHDS.

Some rooms require lofted and bunked beds as part of the room configuration and do not incur a loft charge. 

See a list of 2013-2014 rooms with complimentary lofts and bunks.

Additional information regarding room configurations may be found online on the Halls and Cooperatives pages.


Loft photo


loft kit type 1

This type of loft is in:
Wilson - 4th floor only

Dimensions are: H=6’, L=7’, W=3’

loft kit type 2

loft kit type 2 Poling

This type of loft is in:
Poling & NSR

Dimensions are: H=6’, L=7’, W=3’

loft kit type 3 ILLC

This type of loft is in:
International Living-Learning Center 

Dimensions are: H=6.5’, L=7’, W=3’


Student-Provided Loft Kits

In the halls/floors below, UHDS does not supply lofts and residents must build their own that comply with specific rules for loft kit construction, which ensure safety and building code compliance, including the use of the safety rails. Custom built or homemade lofts are permitted with the express understanding that the safety of the loft is the sole responsibility of the occupant. Residents may also purchase UHDS approved loft kits from multiple lumber companies in Corvallis. More information about these companies can be provided by hall staff after residents move in. Residents are also responsible for disassembling and removing the loft kits when they move out.

  •   Student-provided loft kits can be used in the following buildings:
    • Bloss Hall
    • Callahan Hall
    • Finley Hall
    • Wilson Hall, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th Floors

Rules for Building a Loft Kit

In our the halls that do not have UHDS-provided loft kits, students can provide their own kits. Lofting a bed requires compliance with specific rules for safety and smooth operation of the hall community. In these specific halls, the standard dimensions for the iron framed beds in the rooms are 36’’ wide, 79’’ long, and 12’’ high. Custom built or homemade lots are permitted with the express understanding that the safety of the loft is the sole responsibility of the occupant. As bed frames and mattresses cannot be removed from resident rooms, the loft kit must incorporate these items. If you chose to loft your bed, please do so in a safe and secure way.

Any lofts used in the Residence Halls or Cooperative Houses must comply with all the rules listed below. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a requirement to dismantle the loft and additional sanctions. As always, please consult with UHDS staff if you have questions about loft safety.

  • Students who wish to simply raise their bed a few inches - but less than 18 inches - may utilize commercially purchased "bed risers". These are available a various home improvement, department, and specialty bed/bath stores.
  • "Pressure lofts" which exert force between the floor and the ceiling or between walls will not be allowed. Only completely free-standing units will be allowed.
  • Students may not use UHDS provided furniture in any way to provide support for a loft. This includes dressers, bookcases, desks, wardrobes and closets.
  • All lofts must utilize the bed frames, bed legs, and mattresses which are already in the room. There is no storage for these components, and they may not be removed from the room/building.
  • Designs of a single bunk style are encouraged (where no one would be sleeping under another bed). Any other design must be mutually agreed upon by both roommates.
  • Beds must be far enough from ceiling and/or sprinkler heads to avoid head injuries and damage. You are required to have at least 18” from your nose to the ceiling. Lofts or bunks may not exceed 80” in height from floor to top board.
  • Designs should utilize untreated wood and metal bolts.
  • Other materials (e.g. nails, fiberglass, metal sheeting, chains, ropes, wires, PVC pipe, etc.) are not allowed.
  • No loft may utilize any treated lumber (particularly green treated lumber). Some types of lumber may create a health hazard in an enclosed environment.
  • A loft must be positioned so the room door can open freely. A loft should not hinder a door from being opened all the way or block window access.
  • Beds bunked or raised to a level at or above the window ledge (approximately three feet) may not be placed parallel to the window, unless the loft is at least three feet from the window. This will prevent falling against the window and/or screen.
  • The room and the original furniture must be returned to the original condition per the inventory card which will be reviewed at move out.
  • Bed glides must be reinstalled upon dismantling bunk. The student may be charged for replacement of missing glides or any other furniture damage/loss.
  • Center stretcher must be used in bunks.
  • Designs may not use anything that damages the walls, floor, or any other part of the room.
  • Do not tighten bed bolts too tight, or you may damage the boards.
  • Bunks must use two support boards connecting the two beds together. Bunks must also use rails on the back and sides of the bunk.

Safety Warning

UHDS requires the use of safety rails on all bunked and lofted beds. Not using a safety rail could increase your risk of falling and injury. Lofts must be at least 1.5 feet (0.46 meters) from the student sleeper to the ceiling due to the risk of smoke inhalation in case of a fire. UHDS staff do not inspect all lofts and room set ups but still retain the right to enforce a change if upon an inspection the staff feels the current set up to be unsafe.