Living-Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are academic programs that partner with part or an entire residential community. In addition to living amongst students in the same major, college, academic focus or program, we bring events around this program to you in the building. LLCs for 2015-2016 are, as follows.

Adventure (New in Fall 2016!)

The Adventure Living-Learning Community, in Finley Hall, offers residents the opportunity to establish friendships and explore the landscapes of Oregon. Adventure leadership education provides awe-inspiring, transformative experiences to students each year. By attending a variety of courses and programs including adventure trips, skill workshops, and social gatherings, students develop lifelong leadership qualities in combination with environmental ethics and outdoor skills. Members of the Adventure Living-Learning Community (ALLC) are expected to fulfill the following:

  • During the academic year, students are required to complete the foundational courses for the Adventure Leadership Level 1 Certificate. Introduction to Adventure Programs (KIN230), Challenge Course Experience (PAC301), Wilderness First Aid (PAC325) and Wilderness Living Techniques (PAC326).
  • Students participate in one or more Adventure Club outing/event per term, which include day-hikes, backpacking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, XC-Skiing, snowshoeing, winter camping, mountaineering, and more!

Arts & Social Justice

The Arts & Social Justice Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a space for visual artists, performance artists, and creative writers to connect, engage, and inspire art in the interest of positive sustainable change. Through the arts, we aim to engage multiple communities and to explore interpersonal and systemic issues of social justice to create spaces that will challenge paradigms and transform the lives of our residents, our campus community, and our world. This community is gender-inclusive.

Residents of the ASJLLC are required to enroll in courses together as a part of the living learning community experience.

Austin Entrepreneurship Program

Weatherford Residential College and Poling Hall will be the home of The Austin Entrepreneurship Program in 2016-2017, in conjunction and close collaboration with the College of Business. With 300 beds, Weatherford is home to students of many disciplines, all sharing an interest in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Weatherford Hall is a blend of living and learning environments which will encourage students to create their own enterprise. Renovated and re-opened in September 2004, Weatherford consists of student rooms, student incubator spaces, faculty and program offices, a faculty apartment, two self-contained suites for visiting entrepreneurs, investors and professors, a cyber cafe, an entrepreneurship library, a conference room and two classrooms. The residential entrepreneurial concept includes an extensive informal curriculum including seminars, guest speakers, facilitated interactions and programming.

  • 2016-2017: Beginning fall 2016, new incoming students who are Pre-Business majors will be required to live in Poling or Weatherford per a new College of Business academic requirement. Any current 2015-2016 residents will be allowed to return regardless of major. 

Civic Engagement Community

Bloss Hall is a themed on-campus residence hall that is supported by the Center for Civic Engagement and University Housing and Dining Services. The goal of this themed housing experience is to bring together like-minded students into one living community to engage, grow, and learn from one another. The civic engagement theme is evident through various direct and in-direct service projects as well as educational opportunities like documentary showings and open discussions on various social issues. Residents will also have access to a direct, live-in contact from the Center for Civic Engagement to easily become engaged in individual service opportunities as they please.

EXPLORE (New in Fall 2016)

In partnership with the University Exploratory Studies Program, the EXPLORE Living-Learning Community in Callahan Hall is a residential space focused on major and career exploration. Students in this community will be able to explore their interests, values and goals by gathering information through programming, experiential learning, community building and coursework. Students will also have the opportunity to connect with faculty, staff and other students in exciting ways as they explore their options inside and outside of the classroom. This active exploration will prepare students to make well-informed academic and career decisions. First year students in any major who are committed to exploration are invited to join EXPLORE.

Health & Well-Being

The Health & Well-Being Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a space for students to connect with other students who are excited about Health and Science, especially the intersection of these fields and particularly with the perspective of improving our communities across Oregon and beyond.  

Honors College Program: A Community of Scholars

The University Honors College (UHC) is proud to feature a robust living and learning community within West Hall & beginning in fall 2015, Sackett Hall. Located on the west side of campus close to the Marketplace West dining area, and the Learning Innovation Center, West Hall and the UHC wings in Sackett Hall are highly desirable residential spaces on campus. Both offer students unique amenities. West offers suite-style rooms; computing, printing, and collaborative resources; on-site Honors advising; and a large kitchen facility. While Sackett Hall features walk-in closets, rooms with a separate sleeping porch, and renovated bathrooms. In addition Sackett offers an extensive student engagement and study space, faculty office space and is in close proximity to the Learning Innovation Center (LInC), the new home of the UHC beginning fall 2015. As the home of many of Oregon State’s most engaged and active students, these communities are stimulating social and intellectual environments that will be a touchstone throughout your years at Oregon State University. Space in both West Hall and the UHC wings in Sackett are limited and only students who have been admitted to the UHC are able to confirm a room in these communities. In order to have the best chance at reserving a room in your desired hall apply for housing prior to May 1st and watch closely for information from University Housing and Dinning regarding procedures for selecting a room.

Global Village

The Global Village in the International Living-Learning Center is a community for International and American students who are passionate about cultural exchange and global experiences. Through partnership with INTO OSU and the College of Liberal Arts, the Global Village offers international-domestic roommate pairs, globally-themed hall programs and faculty workshops, and hands-on service learning experiences. 


Working with the College of Engineering, this community in Hawley and Buxton halls provides its residents with a host of exciting opportunities. As part of the engineering community, students have the opportunity to create connections between their in-class and out-of-class experiences. Buxton Hall also offers a program designed for women in engineering.

Still looking for your community?

Did you mean to search for Special Interest Housing communities? Special Interest Communities are built around common interests but not tied to any specific academic program. For example, these communities include ROTC, Gender Inclusive, Study Intensive and more.