Halsell Hall

Halsell Hall

Halsell Hall houses approximately 200 residents. Halsell Hall offers suite rooms, with four single or two double bedrooms sharing a common area with kitchenette and one-and-a-half bathrooms. There is a full time resident director serving Halsell Hall and 5 resident assistants.

Hall Theme

Halsell is also home of our Upper-division and Transfer Student Experience Program which is geared towards providing a more independent community for students who have had previous experience at college. Students living in Halsell must be at least 20 years old before classes begin in September OR a current OSU student returning for another year OR admitted as a Transfer student to OSU. The 4th floor west wing (suites 403-408) are reserved for members of the University Honors College who meet the other eligibility requirements for Halsell.

Halsell Hall is home to our Gender Inclusive Community. The Gender Inclusive Community allows our residents to room with anyone of any gender identity or gender expression. This living environment can accommodate students who desire to live with friends and family, etc. as well as all gender identities including man, woman and transgender, among many others. Gender Inclusive Living additionally serves as an ideal housing option for gender-variant students by upholding a community that is supportive of the diversity of gender identity and expression.

The programming in Halsell Hall is well suited for those interested in exploring how gender roles shape society, explore gender identities outside of the male/female binary, and enjoy living among those who identify throughout the gender continuum. While Halsell Hall is reserved for upper division and transfer students, placement will be given to first year students who require accommodations based on their gender identity and/or gender expression.

Read the gender inclusive living brochure.

Halsell Hall also hosts the international roommate option through INTO-OSU.

Amenities & Services

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Modular Furniture
  • Extra-long beds (36"x80")
  • Loft kits available
  • Laundry Facilities - Located on 2nd and 4th Floors - (Unlimited use for residents)
  • Kitchenette which includes a sink, cupboards, and stovetop
  • Common space includes a couch, small end table, dining table and chairs.
  • Elevator
  • Mail delivered to Arnold Service Center (541-737-0681)
  • Wheel-chair accessible facilities
  • Variety of kitchen equipment for check-out
  • Various games
  • Break Housing

Featured Accessibility Options 

  • Select number of suites with roll in showers, accessible furniture, and lower counters
  • Select rooms with ADA Strobes
  • Kitchens available in each suite
  • Rooms available on the ground/first floor

Floor Plans & Views

Halsell Hall floor plans

Room Plans

halsell hall floorplan

Important floor plan note:

Possible combinations of rooms in each suite:

  • 1 double, 1 large single, 2 small singles (5 residents total)
  • 2 doubles (4 residents total)