Eco2Go food containers



The Eco2Go program at UHDS Dining Centers allows you to use a reusable to-go food container and get 20 cents off each meal, and is sponsored by UHDS, Campus Recycling and the Sustainability Office.

Why join?

Eco2Go is:

  • Eco-friendly. Reduce your impact on the environment.
  • Economical. Get 20 cents off each purchase in your container (Use it 3-4 times per week and it pays for itself in 1 term!).
  • Convenient. A durable container that is perfect for people on the go.

How It Works

Step 1: Buy token.

Purchase a token (equivalent to one Eco2Go container) for $7 at the dining center register.

Step 2: Exchange token for container.

Give your token to your food server and they will pack your food in an Eco2Go container.

Step 3: Receive discount.

Get 20 cents off your total purchase each time you use an Eco2Go container. (Use it 3-4 times/week and it will pay itself off in 1 term.)

Step 4: Return container for token.

After giving your container a quick rinse, return it in the bin at the dining center register in exchange for a token. Return locations are as follows:

  • Southside Station: At the front cash registers
  • Marketplace West: At Clubhouse Deli cash registers
  • McNary Dining: At Zephyros and Service Center or Boardwalk cash registers (depending on whether the Service Center is open)

Step 5: Repeat!

Continue trading tokens and containers each time you eat.

Program Conditions:

  • As a courtesy to other participants, please return the container within 24 hours of each use.
  • If you lose the container or the token, you must re-join the program ($7 per token) to get a replacement.

More Info:

Chris Anderson