Dining Plan Options

Students living with UHDS can use their dining dollars at any of the 18 restaurants, cafés or stores operated by UHDS. Dining Dollars work like a debit card on your OSU ID Card at the beginning of each term. You use your UHDS Dining Dollar points to pay for what you choose to eat, when you choose to eat it.

The interactive meal planner tool will help provide guidance on which meal plan might best fit your needs while living on campus. Use the three sliding bars to adjust the number of meals and snacks you anticipate enjoying each week.

Week Days

Monday through Friday
I will typically eat
full meals per day at UHDS dining centers, coffee shops and markets.

Examples of full meals: soup & sandwich,
carved turkey, vegetables,
pie, sushi,
pizza & salad


Saturday and Sunday
I will typically eat
full meals per day at UHDS dining centers, coffee shops and markets.

Examples of full meals: soup & sandwich,
carved turkey, vegetables,
pie, sushi,
pizza & salad


I will typically have
snacks and/or drinks
per day in addition to full meals.

Examples of snacks:
juice & bagel,
espresso, drink, chips & fresh fruit,
ice cream

East and west sides of campus have small convenience stores. The south side of campus has a neighborhood market that stocks fresh produce, dairy products, groceries and some non-food items.

I expect to buy groceries and toiletries on campus.
I have medical dietary needs and expect to eat most of my meals outside the dining centers.
Disclaimer: This is purely an estimate and not guaranteed to represent actual usage.

UHDS Dining Plans 2014-15

  • Reminder: As a UHDS residence hall student, you are required to select one of the following dining plans:
  • Dining PlanUHDS Dining Dollars
    Per Year*
    UHDS Dining Dollars
    Per Term*
    Ultimate $3,501 $1,167
    Premium $2,766 $922
    Preferred $2,028 $676
    Basic $1,290 $430

    * Your UHDS Dining Dollars give you the flexibility to eat at any of 16 dining venues in the following locations including: Southside Station @ Arnold, International Living-Learning Center, Marketplace West, McNary Dining Center and Bing's Café. Residential students assigned by the beginning of Fall term are automatically enrolled in the Orange Rewards program with a one-time-only additional $100 deposit to their Orange Rewards dining plan. Orange Rewards can be used at all dining locations across the OSU campus.

Money Matters

Orange Rewards - for all OSU Students, Staff, and Faculty

  • Join the Orange Rewards program and your OSU ID card will give you a 10% discount at all 28 campus restaurants, coffee shops, and markets.  You will also receive access to members-only opportunities that provide you exclusive discounts and other special offers. On-campus residents will automatically have $100 of Orange Rewards as part of their UHDS Dining Plan.
  • Add Orange Rewards to your OSU ID Card and start saving today.

Campus Visitors

Community members and visitors are invited to join us at our dining locations on campus! Whether you're here visiting your student or attending a university sporting event, we are open and ready to serve you!

Group Options and Conferences

Meals are an important component to any conference or event. Here at Oregon State University we are proud of our award winning culinary team who blend the practical concerns of food safety and nutrition with the esthetic demand for quality and variety in all of our meals.

Vegan, Vegetarian and Dietary Needs