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Sweets & Treats

Assorted Cookies ... $8.50 per dozen

*Gluten Free or Vegan Cookies ... $9.75 per dozen

Assorted French Macaroons ...$11.95 per dozen

Assorted Brownies ... $10.50 per dozen

*Gluten Free or Vegan Brownies ... $11.95 per dozen

Bite Size Brownies ... $6.50 per dozen

Baker’s Brownies or Blondies ... $7.50 per dozen

Assorted Bar Cookies ... $12.95 per dozen

Bite Size Bar Cookies ... $9.25 per dozen

Lemon Bars ... $12.95 per dozen

Mini Cream Puffs ... $8.95 per dozen

Mini Eclairs... $9.95 per dozen

Mini Fruit Tartlets ... $1.75 each

Mini Dessert Shots ... $1.75 each
Chocolate Mousse, Panna Cotta, or Strawberry Shortcake

Hazelnut Brittle  ... $1.75 each
Featuring Evonuk Hazelnuts from Junction City, Oregon

Gelato or Sorbeto  ... $3.50 per person (15 person minimum per flavor)
Please ask about our current flavor selection.

Ice Cream Sundaes (minimum 25 people) ... $4.50 per person
Chocolate or vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, strawberries, crushed Oreo topping, sprinkles, whipped cream and cherries.

Mini Cupcakes ... $14.95 per dozen
Choice of chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, white cake with vanilla buttercream, or red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

Individual desserts

Chocolate Mousse ... $3.50 per person
Decadent dark chocolate mousse with white chocolate shavings.

Panna Cotta ... $3.75 per person
House made Italian vanilla custard served with raspberry coulis.

Lemon Berry Cream Torte ... $3.75 per person
Two layers of cake and lemon mascarpone cream topped with blueberries and raspberries.

Crème Brulee ... $3.95 per person
Velvety rich vanilla custard with caramelized sugar crust.

New York Cheesecake ... $3.95 per person
A classic vanilla cheesecake with graham cracker crust, served with  chocolate, caramel, or raspberry sauce.

Vanilla Cream Cannoli  ... $4.75per person
Chocolate dipped pastry shells filled with sweet ricotta filling.

Tiramisu ... $4.75 per person
Ladyfinger sponge soaked with espresso and layered with marsalla mascarpone, dusted with cocoa and chocolate shavings.

Marionberry Cobbler ... $3.95 per person
Made with Oregon Marionberries and a crispy oat topping. Served with chantilly cream.

Flourless Chocolate Cake ... $3.95 per person
A rich, dense chocolate cake served with raspberry coulis.

Poached Pear and Mascarpone  ... $4.95 per person
A tender pear poached in burgundy syrup served with honey mascarpone.

Orange Cream Cake  ... $3.95 per person
Sponge cake layered with whipped cream and orange preserves.

 Profiterols  ... $3.95 per person
Small cream puffs drizzled with chocolate ganache and finished with white chocolate shavings.

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