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Break Menu

**Be more sustainable by substituting lemonade or ice tea for assorted cold beverages.

Oregon Trail  Break ... $3.75 per person
Bananas with individual cups of peanut butter, trail mix, and assorted cold beverages.

Revitalize Break ... $4.50 per person
Granola bars, whole fruit, and assorted cold beverages.

Mediterranean Break ... $4.95 per person
Fresh pita chips with hummus, a fresh fruit platter, and assorted cold beverages.

Sweet Break ... $3.95 per person
Bite size brownies, a fresh fruit platter, and assorted cold beverages.

Healthy Break ... $4.50 per person
A crudite tray, accompanied with mixed nuts and assorted cold beverages.

Cheese Break ... $4.75 per person 
Cheese, crackers, sliced baguette and roasted red pepper hummus with assorted cold beverages.

Crunch Break ... $4.50 per person
Kettle chips with onion dip, crudité platter, and assorted cold beverages.

Fiesta Break ... $4.25 per person (25 person minimum)
Tortilla chips and salsa, bean dip, and assorted cold beverages. 

Cookie Break ... $1.95 per person
Freshly baked cookies and assorted cold beverages

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