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Paper cups, lids, stir-stix, sugar, and individual creamers provided with all coffee orders.

Allann Bros Regular Coffee... $13.95 per gallon

Allann Bros Decaf Coffee  ... $13.95 per gallon

Hot Water Service ... $13.95 per gallon
Includes Stash Tea, Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider Packets.

Hot Chocolate ... $10.95 per gallon

Hot Apple Cider ... $10.95 per gallon

Brewed Hot Tea ... $13.95 per gallon

Iced Tea ... $9.95 per gallon

Raspberry Iced Tea ... $9.95 per gallon

Lemonade ... $9.95 per gallon

Raspberry Lemonade ... $9.95 per gallon

Fruit Punch ... $9.95 per gallon

Juice ...$9.95 per gallon
Choice of Orange, Apple or Cranberry.

Individual Milks ... $1.95 per pint
Choice of 2%, Skim or Chocolate.

Assorted Cold Beverages ... $1.50 each 
Pepsi product soft drinks, iced tea and bottled water.  
Fruit juices: orange, apple, cran-pomegranate, peach-mango-pineapple, cranberry, and grape.  Charges based on consumption.

Sparkling Mocktail ... $11.95 per gallon
Choose from the following flavors:
Citrus Cooler (orange, pineapple and lemon)
Flamingo (cranberry, pineapple and lime)
Virgin Bellini (peach, lemon and raspberry)
Mock Champagne (white grape juice, pineapple and ginger ale)
Berry Spritzer (cranberry and raspberry)

Beverage Service (30 person minimum)
Allann Bros. regular and decaf coffee, hot beverage service (tea/cocoa) and ice water.  Includes beverage refresh if necessary during the selected time period.

  • 2 hours ... $2.95 per person  

  • 4 hours ... $3.95 per person  

  • 8 hours ... $5.95 per person 

Water Service ... $10.00 per gallon(only charged if no food or beverage is ordered) 

*Water is included free of charge with all food and beverage purchases.

Alcohol Service

Oregon State University Catering is licensed to serve beer and wine to compliment your menu selections. We proudly serve Oregon beers & wines. Please see our policy section for details or call our office for more information (541) 737-1600.

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