Buxton Hall

The Engineering living-learning program is housed in Buxton and Hawley Halls. Welcome to all pre-engineering majors. The 5th floor south wing of Buxton Hall will be set aside for the Women in Engineering program.

Buxton Hall houses approximately 200 residents on 4 floors, and is part of the residence hall quad on the west side of campus. Buxton was renovated in 2000, and is connected to Hawley Hall. There is a full time Resident Director and a graduate Assistant Resident Director serving Buxton and Hawley Halls, as well as eight resident assistants. Rooms are co-ed by neighbor with a men's and women's bathroom at the center of each wing.

Buxton Hall also hosts the international roommate option through INTO-OSU.

 Buxton includes several women’s only areas (By choosing to live in this suite, you agree to no male visitors).

Buxton includes several men’s only areas (By choosing to live in this suite, you agree to no female visitors).

Amenities & Services

* Students receive one 3-drawer chest of drawers in a triple, not one per person

Featured Accessibility Options 

  • Select rooms with ADA Strobes
  • A roll shower in each bathroom
  • Select number of rooms with accessible furniture
  • Large kitchen available for resident use

Floor Plans & Views


Room Plans

buxton hawley room floor plans

Buxton floor plan