Cultural Cuisine


Celebrate cultural diversity through culturally relevant food for the campus community

Task Force Members:

Rich Turnbull*,  Megan Full, Teresita Alvarez, Jacqueline Chambers


  • Introduce and educate individuals to food from different regions, cultures, and traditions
  • Understand how to meet the needs of the incoming international and traditionally underrepresented student populations
  • Celebrate a journey through culture and cuisine by hosting special events
  • Provide familiar foods in our retail outlets to meet the needs of students from various cultures and communities
  • Establish the Food from Home Program

Projects- Past, Present, Future:

  • New restaurants (i.e. Cooper's Creek BBQ, Zephyros, etc.)
  • Cultural cuisine events, including Soul Food Cafe, Taste of the Mediterranean, Taste of the Indian Ocean, Taste of Southeast Asia, Sabor Latino, The Community Grocery Project (Familiar foods from around the world)
  • Future: the Food from Home Project


Meeting time/Next meeting:


Time commitment / involvement opportunities:

1 hour a month

Opportunities: Additional assistance in convening and providing ideas for the Food from Home Program