CAMP Scholar Interns (CSIs)

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The CAMP Scholars Internship program is a collaboration between University Housing & Dining Services and the College Assistant Migrant Program (CAMP), and was created to ensure that young students with a history in migrant or seasonal agricultural work develop their personal and professional potential. The CAMP Scholars Internship (CSI) program combines leadership training with hands-on and practical intern experience during the academic year.

The College Assistance Migrant Program is a federally-funded program designed to support students whose history includes migrant/seasonal agricultural work. The program provides financial and academic support to first-year students with the goal of preparing them for further success in college. This national program has been providing student support since 1972 and exists at many colleges and universities across the nation.

Each year, CAMP Scholar Interns (CSIs) work in specific University Housing & Dining Services (UHDS) units based on an attempt to match student interests with organizational needs. The internship consists of ten hours of work, including meetings and other active program experiences which will provide an opportunity for the CSI’s to develop and practice skills that help them succeed as students and community members of Oregon State University and meet the learning outcomes of the program.



CSI Cohort 2014-2015

CAMP Scholar Intern Learning Outcomes

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Understand identity and personal history

Identity as student at a predominantly white institution

Deconstructing expectations

Communicating cross-culturally

Developing supportive relationships

Time management

Understanding and interpreting leadership

Leadership skills and goal setting

Pathways – developing leadership opportunities

Offices and departments on campus

People and mentors as resources

Financial Management skills and resources

Academic Success

CSI Advisory Board

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The CSI Advisory Board offers advice and direction to the CSI program. They also act as mentors for the CSIs in preparation for their capstone presentation.

Board Member  



Amas Aduviri


College Assistance Migrant Program

Dave Craig

Assistant Director

UHDS – Residential Education

Clare Creighton


September Scholars Program

Greg Contreras

Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist

College Assistance Migrant Program

Janet Nishihara


Educational Opportunities Program

Tom Scheuermann



Jennifer Viña

Assistant Director


Teresita Alvarez-Cortez

Assistant Director


Laura Mondragón

Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator

College Assistance Migrant Program

CSI Internships

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CSI interns participate in one of five internships during the course of the academic year. In 2014-15, the internships include:

Internship B - Winter/Spring-2015 (12 weeks)

Residential Conferences Operations

Supervisor:  Dawn Snyder, Assistant Director, Operations. Aimee Scrivens,Residential Conferences and Building Services Coordinator.

Unit Name:  Operations.

Unit Functions:  We maintain UHDS systems and operations to promote the success of our students and staff. Assignments, service centers, the Honesty program, family housing, scholar housing, and residential conferences are all part of the Operations unit.

Description:  During Fall Term the CSI's will develop an online feedback form to send to residential conferences clients. Additionally, they will develop a thank you postcard to send to all Summer 2014 clients thanking them for their business, asking them to compete the feedback form, and providing more information about Summer 2015. The CSI's will also work with UHDS staff to develop a marketing plan for the Residential Conferences student staff positions and provide administrative support.


Res Ed Administrative Assistants 

Supervisor: Ben Medeiros, Assistant Director, Living-Learning Commmunities

Unit Name:  Residential Education

Unit Functions:  Residence Education is a unit within University Housing and Dining Services. Our primary function is to create and maintain close interpersonal relationships with students and a sense of community among their peers to better support them in their social, personal, and academic growth while they live on campus.

Description: Provide administrative and programmatic support in a variety of areas within Residential Education. Some possible ideas include:


Marketing/Creating student surveys for Assessment

Supervisor: David Craig, Associate DDirector - Assessment

Unit Name: Assessment and Business Development

Unit Functions: Assessment of university Housing and Dining Services

Description: Interns will work on survey projects that will help gather data on student residents' satisfaction of services provided through UHDS. They will also help develop marketing ideas to get more students to participate in these surveys.


Multimedia and Social Media Projects

Supervisor:  Nancy Raskauskas, Assistant Director-Marketing & Communications

Unit Name:  Marketing & Communication

Unit Functions: Communicates with residents and prospective students via print publications, emails, website and social media content, videos, photography and in-person at various events to share information about UHDS programs and initiatives. Leads department in setting standards and policies for branding, marketing, and media relations.

Description: CSIs will work closely with the Assistant Director and future (unhired at this time) Online Marketing Specialist to practice and grow skills in basic writing, photography, videography, design, and web communications. CSIs will dive into the creative process of marketing to create and critique work with the rest of the MCA team.They will explore their own answer to the question: How can we use social networks to inform and engage the OSU community?


 Inter-Hall and After Dark Challenge

Supervisor:  Brenda Dao and Christopher Hughbanks

Unit Name: Resident Education

Unit Functions:  Community development and large scale programs for all students living on campus in particular pure first year students.

Description: Attend Inter-Hall challenge and after dark late night programming, planning meetings, Assist with setup and cleanup of after dark late program events. Track attendance at events, assist in the tracking hall points and incentives. Develop new ideas that will help with ongoing attendance numbers including ideas for incentives and prizes for halls and individuals in attendance, Assist in the development and collection of program surveys ad satisfaction data.




Meet the CSIs

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Adan CSI

CSI: Adan Avila

Hometown: Canby, OR 

Internship A: Marketing/ Creating Student Surveys for Assesment (Fall 2014)

Internship B: Residential Conferences Operations (Winter-Spring 2015)



CSI: Alejandra Rojo-Perez

Hometown: Cornelius, OR

Internship A: Multimedia and Social Media Projects (Fall 2014 )

Internship B: Res Ed Administrative Assistant (Winter-Spring 2015)


Catia CSI

CSI: Catia Garibay

 Hometown: Salem, OR

 Internship A: Inter-hall and After Dark Challenge(Fall 2014 )

 Internship B: inter-hall and After Dark Challenge (Winter-Spring 2015)



Cesilia CSI

CSI: Cesilia Montes

 Hometown: Salem, OR

 Internship A: Res Ed Administrative Assistant (Fall 2014)

 Internship B: Inter-hall and After Dark Challenge (Winter- Spring 2015)


Cheyla CSI

CSI: Cheyla Moranchel

 Hometown: Mt. Angel, OR

 Internship A: Residential Conferences Operations (Fall 2014)

 Internship B: Residential Conferences Operations (Winter-Spring 2015)



Cynthia CSI

CSI: Cynthia Carvajal

Hometown: Madras, OR

Internship A: Marketing/Creating Student Surveys for Assesment(Fall 2014 - 2015)

Internship B: Multimedia and Social Media Projects (Winter- Spring 2015)


Erica CSI

CSI: Erica Morales Santos

Hometown: Gervais, OR 

Internship A: Multimedia and Social Media Projects (Fall 2014)

Internship B: Multimedia and Social Media Projects (Winter-Spring 2015)



Francisco CSI

CSI: Francisco Bolaños

Hometown: Hood River, OR

Internship A: Inter-Hall and After Dark Challenge (2014-2015)

Internship B: Marketing/Creating Student Surveys for Assesment (Winter-Spring 2015)


Viviana CSI

CSI: Viviana Castañeda

Hometown: Cornelius, OR 

Internship A:Residential Conferences Operations (Fall 2014)

Internship B: Res Ed Administrative Assitant (Winter- Spring 2015)


Yurissa CSI

CSI: Yurissa Flores

Hometown: Salem. OR

Internship A: Res Ed Administrative Assistant (Fall 2014)

Internship B: Marketing/Creating Student Surveys for Assement (Winter-Spring 2015)


Meet the CSI Mentor

The CSI Mentor is a peer leader who provides mentorship to navigate the first-year experience. The CSI Mentor also serves as a resource and liaison for UHDS.

Gaby CSI Mentor

CSI Mentor: Gaby Bustos-Ramos

 Hometown: Hood River, OR