What to Bring & Leave Behind

We recommend that you work with your roommate(s) or suitemate(s) to coordinate who will bring certain shared items or cleaning materials. Keep in mind that space is limited and many of the items listed below are optional or may be obtained in Corvallis after you arrive.

What to Bring!

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Appliances (Allowed items)

UHDS does allow some appliances in the living groups. It is an expectation that all appliances used in the halls or coops are undamaged and have no alterations. Many of the appliances listed below may be stored or used in the living groups under certain conditions. Misuse of appliances may result in loss of privileges and conduct action.

*  Reminder:  Residents may not cook food in their room.  Heating water or brewing coffee is allowed provided the fire detection system is not activated.  Activation of the fire system, such as a smoke detector, even if on accident may result in disciplinary action by the University and the Corvallis Fire Department.  For safety purposes, the smoke detectors are sensitive. 


What to Leave Behind! (Prohibited items)

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Due to health and safety concerns and facility capacity issues, there are a number of appliances that are not allowed in the residence halls. Below is a partial list of prohibited items. Students should ask UHDS staff about appliances not listed on this page BEFORE bringing them to campus or into a living group.

Power strips allowed:

Extension cords NOT allowed: