Benefits of Living On-Campus

An Experience of a Lifetimeā„¢

While convenience is often the number one reason for living on campus, you'll find we offer our students much more than just a place to study and sleep. A decision to live in University Housing & Dining Services means joining the nearly 4,000 students who live on our campus and call it home.

University Housing & Dining Services provides opportunities for student growth and development through educational, cultural, recreational, and social programs presented in our living/learning communities. Living on campus will give you the greatest sense of connection with the University and fellow students.

Here are just a few reasons why nearly 4,000 residents choose to live on campus, and have the Experience of a Lifetime:

  • Students who live on campus their first year have a higher average GPA.
  • On-campus first year student residents are more likely to return for their second year at OSU.
  • Endless opportunities to meet new people and develop lasting friendships.
  • Easy walking distance to classes, the libraries, and recreational areas.
  • Variety of facility and program options to meet your needs and interests.
  • Nutritionally prepared al la carte meals offering multiple choices including: self-service salad bar, "made to order" stir-fry, pizza and pasta, and traditional home-style cooking.
  • Social, educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities are available in all housing locations.
  • Intramural sports, movies, dances, etc., are samples of events that take place in University housing. Also, when you want to be alone, there are quiet places available.
  • The services, skills, and time of a professional residential life staff, including both live-in professional and student staff, are available for advice or referrals on just about any topic from personal problems to career decisions.
  • Opportunity to participate in student government organizations, such as Hall Council, the Residence Hall Association, or the Family Housing Association.
  • Resident rooms and computer labs with Internet access, tutors, and other educational benefits are provided within the University Housing & Dining Services system.
  • Research concludes that living in the Residence Halls and Cooperative Houses has a positive influence on a student's grade point average, level of involvement in campus activities, retention at the University, and satisfaction with his or her collegiate experience.