Welcome to the New RA Application Webpage

Before you begin filling out the new RA application, please take some time to make sure you have all of the materials needed to complete your application. 

Essay Questions

Please draft your responses to the essay questions prior to beginning the application.  We highly suggest drafting your answers in a word processor prior to starting the application.  The essay questions are:

  1. Read over the Resident Assistant position description. As you see, the RA job is multifaceted and requires a variety of skills and qualities. What skills and experiences do you have that will help you be a successful RA? Please include specific examples of times when you demonstrated these attributes. (350 words or less)

  2. Give a specific example of a time within the past year when you took a role in helping resolve a conflict within a team or group you were a part of. In what ways does this demonstrate your conflict resolution style and skills? How might you use your style and skills as a resident assistant? (350 words or less)

  3. Please think about a time in the recent past when you interacted with someone who held a social identity different than yours. What were the challenges you encountered and what did you learn from that experience? How would you apply these challenges and what you learned from this interaction to the RA position? Please refer to the UHDS Social Identity Infographic for more information. (350 words or less)

  4. Describe a leadership experience in the recent past that displayed a positive impact on a group or community. What was your role within this experience? What administrative skills did you use?  How did you adapt or demonstrate flexibility to achieve your goal?  How can you apply this to the RA position? (350 words or less)


You will also need to have an up to date resume for your application.  Please make sure you have your resume completed in a word or PDF file (.doc, .docx, .pdf).  If you would like to know more about creating a resume, please contact Career Services.


Please have the names, email addresses and phone number for at least two references.  These references should also fill out the Recommendation Form.  You are responsible for making sure that your references fill out the recommendation form before the application deadline: January 30, 2015 at 5:00 PM.

Begin Filling Out the Application

Once you have all of this information ready, you can begin filling out the RA Application