UESP Ecampus

UESP is pleased to offer support to OSU students who pursue their undergraduate degree via online courses through ECampus majors and who want to explore academic options.

Like students pursuing degrees on campus in Corvallis, new or current OSU Ecampus students have the option being housed in UESP while they explore major options.  The same exploration philosophy and principles we use with on-campus students applies to Ecampus students -- learning more about yourself and your major options is the best way to confirm that you are going to land in a major that fits.  Our goal is to help you be active in your exploration process and connect with one of the available Ecampus majors as expeditiously as possible.  During your time with UESP, you and your UESP advisor will dialogue at lease once a term if not more often to facilitate the exploration process. 


Exploration Strategies for Ecampus Students


1. A great starting point is to take ALS 114 Career Decision Making.  The online version of ALS 114 is taught by Kyle Cassady, a former UESP advisor and the Career Counselor for OSU's Ecampus students.  Kyle will guide you through a strategic process of learning more about your interests, values, and abilities to help you set the foundation for learning more about academic and career paths that might be a good fit for you.

2. As part of the class, you will likely be exposed to SIGI3©.  This is a comprehensive web-based career planning program that is available to any current OSU student.  You don't have to be a part of the class to get access.  Click the SIGI3© hyperlink above to learn more.  You can also access SIGI3©  as part of Career Trail, a self-directed online career development program the Career Services launched in the spring of 2013.   

3.  Make sure you familiarize yourself with Ecampus major and minor offerings.  There is more diversity there than you might think, with options that might appeal to interests ranging from sciences to social sciences to humanities and the arts.  It seems like each year brings new, exciting Ecampus major and minor choices, so keep your eyes on ONID account for announcements from Ecampus about new opportunities.  Also, many departments offer coursework via Ecampus even if they don't actually offer an e-campus major.

4.  Use your "local networks" -- friends, family, community organizations, services, and businesses -- to get more insight about what you like and don't like when it comes to your academic preferences.  Getting lots of voices in the conversation via informational interviews and job shadows can help you get perspective on the best academic option and career pathway for you. 

5. Connect with the Ecampus advisors for the various majors and get their insight on the nuances and opportunties associated with their particular majors. 

How to Declare

Typically this is just a matter of utilizing Ecampus Student Services to help you negotiate a change of major, but sometimes the process is more involved.  Coming soon...a specific list of contacts and processes for declaring Ecampus majors. 

Helpful Ecampus Links and Resources

A direct link to the MyOSU portal ... use your ONID login to get to this one-stop shop where you will find a "Student" page with links to MyDegrees, the Registration system, and Blackboard among other resources.

Ecampus course demo... see an example of how Ecampus courses are delivered online.

Ecampus guide to starting your course... a comprehensive "how to" designed to get you ready to engage with the online learning environment at OSU.

Ecampus Success Counseling...a wonderful, free service available through Ecampus to support you with the big picture mitigating factors in academic success.

Ecampus online tutoring...a link to the Ecampus page that descibes NetTutor®, the online tutoring service available to OSU students taking online classes.

ALS 108 -- Another class that Kyle Cassady teaches that helps students acclimate to taking classes in the online environment.


Profile of UESP's Ecampus program

Here's an article from the website OnlineColleges.Net profiling UESP and the ways we work with Ecampus students.