Registration Tip: Signing up for 200-level General Chemistry Classes for Winter Term

Many of you may be starting or continuing the 200 level General Chemistry sequence in winter term (CH231/261 or CH 232/262).  This sequence has separately numbered lectures and labs, and registering for these Chemistry classes can be confusing.  Here are some instructions to make it easier.  The issue is that depending on the class, you may be registering for up to three classes - a lecture and possibly a recitation(CH 231 or CH 232) and  then a  lab sections (261 or CH 262) are linked, thus registration for all  components must happen at the same time, or it won’t work.


Here are three ways to do this:


  • The easiest way to schedule is the new Schedule Planner tool, and this is what we recommend using.  If you add the lecture/recitation (CH 231 or CH 232) and the lab into your list of winter 2016 options, it will account for all the necessary parts of the class.  Please note that that the Schedule Planner does not distinguish between between restricted and non-restricted sections of recitations and labs (see #5 in the third bullet point below)


  • Use the online schedule of classes to look at Chemistry offerings for fall term (Corvallis campus offerings).  Identify the CRN’s -  For CH  231/261, you will have two- one for the 231 lecture and one for the 261 lab, and for CH 232/262, you wil have three -one for the CH 232 lecture, one of the CH 232 recitation, and one for the CH 262 lab.  The schedule of classes is real time and allows you to see the sections that are open.  Once you’ve identified CRN’s that will work (make sure the times you’ve chosen for the respective don’t conflict with each other), then you can add them to CRN table in the Registration system and click submit.  Provided everything is open and there are no time conflicts, you should be set


  • You can use the Advanced Search function in the online registration system to find all the necessary pieces of the class at once:
  1. Click the “Class Search” button on the main registration page.
  2. When you get to the Class Search page, click the “Advanced Search” button
  3. Highlight “Chemistry” on the list
  4. Put the number “2” in the course number box, and hit return (or you can also scroll to the bottom and click the “Search Classes” button)
  5. This will bring up all the 200-level Chemistry classes offered fall term.  If you are trying for CH 231/261, scroll down until you find CH 231, and select one lecture..  Once you’ve identified your CH 231 lecture and recitation, scroll down until you find the 261 lab you want.  Choose one of the labs and make sure it doesn’t conflict with the lecture you picked.  For CH 232/262, you'll follow the same procedure, except that you'll also select a CH 232 recitation to go along with the lecture.  Please note that Chemistry usually has one or two recitations that are limited to Chemistry majors.  If you see +520 in the restrictions box, that is a restricted section
  6. Check the boxes next to you chosen lecture, recitation, and lab, and then scroll to the bottom and click register.

If you get stuck or get confused, you can also consult this website for assistance.