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    Out of Greenland, defrosting

    Posted August 20th, 2009 by

    As I sit at the window of my hotel room in Ilulisat, watching icebergs the size of city blocks drift across the shimmering path of the setting sun, it’s hard to believe I woke up in the middle of the ice sheet two days ago. With my feet on solid ground, far enough south for [...]

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    Drilling and logging an ice core is dirty business

    Posted August 13th, 2009 by

    I just returned from my second night logging shift, where we cleaned and documented the 3.5 m piece of ice that pushed our drilling depth past 1700 meters (more than 1 mile) below the surface. This is an amazing feat, since just last week the drillers were celebrating the considerable success of reaching 1600 m [...]

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    Percussion in Greenland

    Posted August 12th, 2009 by

    For the first time since we arrived, there is a steady bank of clouds advancing from the southeast. The low fog creates the intriguing illusion of topography on the horizon, as if we were out at sea but approaching land or on the salty plains of a wide basin and range playa. It is still [...]

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    Parties. On an ice sheet. And, of course, core processing.

    Posted August 7th, 2009 by

    We had a lovely weekend here at NEEM. The concept of the weekend is a bit abbreviated—Saturday at 4 pm until Sunday at 1 pm—but what it lacks in duration is made up for in enthusiasm! The first few hours of leisure involved card games, running or skiing on the groomed runway, and general lounging [...]

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    Arriving at NEEM

    Posted August 3rd, 2009 by

    After a hectic day of preparation on Wednesday, we called it an early night to prepare for our 4:45 am wakeup the following day. The one easy thing about rising early here is that it’s always light, no matter what time you have to get up. We met the Air Force crew at the airfield [...]

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    Getting to Greenland

    Posted July 31st, 2009 by

    …it was apparent that these fringes of earth had been overridden time and again by the advancing ice, slowly grinding it down to its scoured and subdued modern topography…

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    Back in New Zealand

    Posted February 12th, 2009 by

    Date: Feb 1, 2009
    Location: Devon Hotel in Christchurch, NZ
    Time: 11:30am
    Latitude: 43°31′43.04″S
    Longitude: 172°37′58.15″E
    Elevation: 75 m (246’)
    Temperature: 25°C
    Wind speed:  4 km/hour
    Clouds: Partly cloudy
    Relative Humidity: 44%
    Precipitation: None so far
    Animals: Lots of birds
    I made it back to New Zealand!  The flight was on a much larger C-17 this time.  The C-17 is different from the LC-130 in that the [...]

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    Panorama of the ice sheet beyond WAIS

    Posted February 3rd, 2009 by
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    Logan with the final ice core

    Posted February 3rd, 2009 by
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    Logan balancing on the slackline

    Posted February 3rd, 2009 by
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