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At Happy Camper school

Posted November 24th, 2009 by

Over the past two days I’ve been attending “Happy Camper School” where I learned how to set up a camp and survive out in cold, windy Antarctica. I made a short video about the camp and my accommodations for the night.

Also, if you wondering, the camera battery got really cold during the night and died. I, on the other hand, was quite warm and survived the night though unfortunately I didn’t have a camera to prove it.

I’ll try to do some more videos about life at McMurdo Station, so please write in with questions and hopefully I can answer them.

One Response to “At Happy Camper school”

  1. Vossler boys Says:

    Eli says, “I really liked your ice cave.”

    Sammy says, “Hey, Thomas! Hey! I really like that cave! It’s really tool! (cool)”

    Jake says, “I don’t want to say anything.” “Mooooooooom!” “No, seriously, Mom. Stop!”

    But really Jake is jealous that you get to do it. He wants to be there and said it looked really pretty.

    I especially liked your shovel ceiling. We’re having fun following Cousin Thomas’s adventures.

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