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Waiting in Akaroa

Posted November 29th, 2008 by

Date: 11-29-2008
Location: Devon Hotel in Christchurch, NZ
Time: 9pm
Latitude: 43°31′43.04″S
Longitude: 172°37′58.15″E
Elevation: 75 m (246’)
Breakfast: Blueberry muffin & another pastry
Lunch: skipped
Supper: Veggie lasagna & a salad.

Today we spent the day in Akaroa. Tim and I had some work to do so we spent most of the day at the

Logan in Akaroa

Logan in Akaroa

hostel, but everyone else went out and had fun. Bess had probably the best day of her life, and tomorrow is her birthday! In the morning she went swimming with dolphins, in the afternoon Spruce taught her how to surf, ate incredible food all day, and in the evening saw an amazing shooting star. Also we got word that we could ride on a New Zealand crew change flight on Sunday morning! In the evening we drove back to Christchurch and got ready for our flight (again). I’m somewhat skeptical that we are going to actually fly this time.

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