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Preparing to leave

Posted November 26th, 2008 by

Date: 11-26-2008
Location: Devon Hotel in Christchurch, NZ
Time: 9pm
Latitude: 43°31′43.04″S
Longitude: 172°37′58.15″E
Elevation: 75 m (246’)
Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, hashbrows, yogurt & fruit.
Lunch: Korean seafood
Supper: Sushi

Spent the day walking around town & buying things that I realized that I might need/want in Antarctica. Not much to report though, just passing the time. Ken Taylor was able to get a seat on a plane leaving late this
evening and the rest of us are supposed to fly tomorrow. The second wave of core handlers arrived in New Zealand today, so now we will all be heading to Antarctica together. The folks that arrived on this wave
include Gifford, Bess, Tim, Susanne, and Marie.


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