Notes - September 14, 2009

Deans’ IMC Council

Monday, September 14, 2009

1:30 – 3:00 pm

650 Kerr Administration Bldg


Luanne Lawrence, Sherm Bloomer, Bill Boggess, Tammy Bray, Ilene Kleinsorge, Cyril Clarke

Guest presenters:

Melody Oldfield, Todd Simmons

  1. Brand Essence and Brand Intention Review
    • Brand Essence has been approved by Executive Marketing Cabinet (EMC)
    • The EMC is reconsidering the statement “Better Living for All” for the brand intention. A decision will be made at the September 22 meeting.
    • Per President Ray’s request, the EMC forwarded 14 alternative statements for consideration including “Better Living for All”
  2. Brand Identity Guidelines
    • The EMC has approved the Brand Identity Guidelines
    • The IMC Network received training in the new guidelines this week and more training will follow over the next several months.
    • Available on the IMC Web site at
    • IMC Deans’ Council members are asked to share info with collaborative deans
    • Luanne to compose email for deans to send to colleagues regarding use of templates; must reach all members of faculty/staff
    1. Messaging and Proof Points – Todd Simmons
      • When describing OSU, use Proof Points to enhance five bullets listed under Brand Summary
      • Proof Points blend historical facts about OSU strengths with contemporary messages
    2. Visual Identity – Melody Oldfield
      • Reviewed Brand Identity Guidelines and OSU color palette, font, templates, icons
      • Online photo gallery available for download at the Ning site:
      • Area photographers to be trained in OSU style and included on resource list
      • Web templates available for use immediately
    3. Discussion: How will the colleges use the guidelines; Proof Points and overarching messages?
      • Should begin using right away, but it will take a while to implement across the board
      • Templates to be converted to Publisher and Word as soon as possible
      • Wait to send email to colleagues until templates are converted
      • Don’t lose sight of agricultural constituents/stakeholders in state – need icons for food animals – cattle, dairy products, poultry, swine, wheat
      • Consider fewer icons?
  3. Powered by Orange Overview – Melody and Todd
    • Public launch – September 21
    • Portland – press conference with President Ray, Beavers in Building lunch, Max trains wrapped in PBO, billboards, print ad series, PBO window clings in businesses, party at Jimmy Mak’s
    • Corvallis – press conference with Charlie Tomlinson and Sherm Bloomer, downtown banners, cupcakes on MU quad, party at Squirrel’s
    • Social media – Face book, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn; Michael Stoner blog; awards
    1. Feedback on PBO from Colleges
      • Caught on quickly
      • Creates sense of pride
    2. Discussion: How will the colleges make use of PBO?
      • Use to engage people in more modern OSU; connect new students to OSU
      • Engineering and Business are the only colleges using LinkedIn
      • IMC Network to offer Social Media training at November 5th meeting
      • Description of why people on campus banners are PBO is on Web site
      • Expand message to connect orange dot to the Proof Points; drive them to Web site
  4. Executive Marketing Cabinet and new Presidential Goals
    1. Recruitment of a higher percentage of high ability and diverse students from Oregon, the nation and the world;
    2. the University Campaign; and
    3. University-Industry Partnerships
    4. Metrics TBA
    5. Discussion: Would the deans like to see additional overarching goals added to this list? Note: there is also a component that addresses weathering the budget challenges, Advisory Committee recommendations, etc. without damage to the OSU reputation.
      • Deans’ IMC Council to review progress on these goals
      • Presidential Goals are more input rather than impact
      • Missing opportunity in California – high achievers cannot get into California universities; looking to schools on East Coast, instead of Oregon
      • Need recruitment/retention of faculty and staff
      • Stabilize grass roots support – reflected in legislative support
      • Out of state recruitment budget cut
      • UA – need metrics specific to messaging; deans offered to assist with this metric development
  5. New Committee on Marketing
    • Expected budget savings?
    • How will the work that Lipman Hearne performed be considered in the charge?