Notes - February 15, 2010

Deans’ IMC Council

Monday, February 15, 2001

10:30 am – Noon

650 Kerr Administration Bldg


Luanne Lawrence, Sherm Bloomer, Tammy Bray, Cyril Clarke, Ilene Kleinsorge, Larry Rodgers

  1. OSU Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Strategy and Plan
    • The Executive Marketing Cabinet (EMC) has approved the OSU IMC Strategy and Plan.
    • Council discussed the plan and agreed to the University Priorities:
      • Attract high achieving and diverse students.
      • Build and increase University/Industry Partnerships.
      • Continue to advance the OSU Campaign.
    • It was suggested that these IMC priorities be inserted into College strategic plans.
    • Discussed deans/colleges working more closely with Admissions regarding recruitment goals.
    • IMC Deans’ Council members are asked to share/discuss plan with their faculty and staff.
  2. University Advancement Goals and Objectives 2010-13
    • Council reviewed and discussed draft of the University Advancement Goals 2010-2013.
    • Draft document will be shared with Sabah Randhawa, OSUF, OSUAA, Enrollment Management and Government Relations for their input.
    • IMC Deans’ Council members are asked to share UA plan with their communications staff.
    • Divisions are encouraged to partner with UA on these goals:
      • Ensure internal alignment with the brand.
      • Strengthen OSU’s leadership role in Oregon.
      • Enhance awareness, understanding and appreciation of OSU in the National and global markets.
  3. Discussion:  Formalizing IMC within the Colleges
    • PBO is becoming more integrated into the Colleges.
    • IMC training continues with IMC Network and is available to existing groups.
    • What is best way to engage OSUAA with alumni?
  4. Powered by Orange Update
    • B2B Campaign to kick off in March in Portland with 200 Beaver-owned businesses.
    • The goal is to engage 2,000 Beaver-owned businesses throughout Oregon in the B2B Campaign.
    • Discussion about how to work with deans to reach alumni in their colleges to participate in this campaign.
    • Follow up for training opportunities for student-based college ambassador programs and training for college-based alumni ambassador programs.
    • Statistics show the average age of PBO social network participants is 34.