Nicolas Houtman

Assistant Director, Research Communications
Coverage Areas: 

Terra Research magazine; covers University Honors College and Forestry

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, Stanford University, 1972; Master's Degree in Water Resources Management, University of Wisconsin, 1989

Previous experience in higher education:

   University of Wisconsin — Wisconsin Sea Grant, writer for Earthwatch Radio; Cooperative Extension, writer for Farmstead Assessment Program

   University of Maine — communicator for Environmental Studies Center and the Water Resources Program; news and feature writer for Department of Public Affairs

Other work experience: town clerk for Watterstown Township, Wisconsin, 1978-1986; news writer for the Boscobel Dial newspaper, 1977-1987; intern with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1988; city councilor, Orono, Maine, 1998-2004.