Participants sought for study on diabetic neuropathic pain of the feet


CORVALLIS, Ore. – Participants are being sought for a new study aimed at reducing diabetic neuropathic pain of the feet.

Oregon State University researcher Gianni Maddalozzo says the long-term objective of the proposed study is to develop evidence-based methods of reducing diabetic neuropathic pain.

The 26-week study will determine if exposure to whole body vibration exercise regime  is well-tolerated in adults with diabetic neuropathic pain of the feet and if it reduces symptoms and complications from the syndrome. Whole body vibration is a series of workouts on vibrating platforms – which look a bit like large home scales with upraised handles – designed to improve strength, flexibility and balance.

Diabetic neuropathy often leads to progressive loss of sensation and lower-limb muscle atrophy, which alters walking. Maddalozzo believes there could be decreases in pain will be associated with improvements in gait (walking) characteristics after participating in the study.

Participants should be ages 45 to 75 years old, be diagnosed with juvenile or adult-onset diabetes and have a diagnosis of diabetic neuropathic pain of the feet.

“We are strong encouraged by our preliminary data that has reported significant reductions in foot pain as measured by the Universal Pain Survey,” Maddalozzo said. “Participants may see a significant reduction in pain of their feet and this may lead to further education on the prescription medications these individuals currently take for their pain.”

Potential participants can contact Ruben Guzman at 360-907-0510 or via email at ruben_gman@yahoo.com