Meet our staff

Mark Floyd

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Director, 541-737-0788. Coverage Areas: University administration, crisis communications, campus affairs, fisheries and wildlife, marine sciences, oceanographic and atmospheric sciences, OSU-Cascades and veterinary medicine. Full bio here.

Theresa Hogue

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Internal Communications Coordinator, 541-737-0786. Coverage Areas: OSU Today, LIFE@OSU, campus news, education, libraries, student affairs including campus diversity and LGBT issues. Full bio here.

Nick Houtman

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Assistant Director of Research Communications: Terra Magazine, University Honors College. Full bio here

Michelle Klampe

News Writer, 541-737-0784. Coverage Areas:College of Business, College of Education, College of Public Health and Human Sciences, College of Liberal Arts. Full bio here.

Larry Pribyl

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Assistant Director, 541-737-3817. Coverage Areas: Broadcast media including campus contracts and location agreements. Full bio here.

Lee Sherman

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Associate Editor, Research Writer, Terra Magazine, 541-737-0672. Full bio here.

David Stauth

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Science Writer, 541-737-0787. Coverage Areas: engineering (including nuclear, civil and electronic), computer science, forestry, pharmacy, science (including zoology, biology, chemistry), biomedical sciences, and Linus Pauling Institute. Full bio here.