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Hiroshima bombing survivor to speak at Oregon State University Oct. 22

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Hideko Tamura Snider, who survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima at the end of World War II, will speak at Oregon State University on Thursday, Oct. 22.

The lecture, which is free and open to the public, will begin at 7 p.m. in the Construction and Engineering Auditorium of LaSells Stewart Center, 875 S.W. 26th St. in Corvallis.              

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the bombing. Snider, the 2015 Hiroshima Ambassador for Peace, was injured but survived the August 1945 bombing of Hiroshima. Her mother and thousands of others were killed.

Since 1979, Snider has been speaking around the United States and in her native Japan, sharing her story and encouraging people of all cultures and nations to examine the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons and to work toward peace and nuclear nonproliferation. Her memoir, “One Sunny Day,” was published in 1996. She is also the author of the children’s book “When a Peace Tree Blooms.”

In her presentation at OSU, she will speak on the physical, psychological, and spiritual effects of the bomb, from the immediate aftermath to more permanent consequences. She also will discuss the challenge of peace and of lessons learned from Hiroshima since the war. 

In addition to Snider’s lecture, the Special Collections and Archives Research Center at OSU’s Valley Library is marking the anniversary with an exhibit showcasing the Atomic Age. The exhibit includes a wide range of materials documenting nuclear history.

The exhibit, “The Nuclear Age: Seventy Years of Peril and Hope,” includes hundreds of original primary sources, including comics, newspapers, photographs, manuscripts and letters from anti-nuclear activists Linus Pauling and Albert Einstein. 

The exhibit gallery is located on the fifth floor of the library, 201 S.W. Waldo Pl. The exhibit, which will run through March 1, 2016, is free and open to the public. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Media Contact: 

Anne Bahde, 541-737-2083, anne.bahde@oregonstate.edu; Linda Richards, 541-740-3341, atomiclinda@gmail.com

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Hideko Tamura Snider

Hideko Tamura Snider

Author Justin St. Germain to read at Oregon State University

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Author Justin St. Germain, a new faculty member at Oregon State University, will read from his work at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 16.

The reading will be in the Valley Library Rotunda, 201 S.W. Waldo Place, Corvallis. A question-and-answer session and book signing will follow. The event is free and open to the public.

St. Germain joined OSU’s creative writing program this year as an assistant professor. His first book, the memoir “Son of a Gun,” was published by Random House. The book chronicles his mother’s murder, the reverberations of grief, and the culture of guns and violence in the Arizona desert.

“Son of a Gun” won the 2013 Barnes & Noble Discover Award in nonfiction and was named a best book of 2013 by Amazon, Amazon Canada, Library Journal, BookPage, Salon, Publisher’s Weekly and the Pima County Public Library.

St. Germain’s writing has appeared in The New York Times, The New York Times Book Review, the Guardian, Hobart, Barrelhouse, and various other journals, magazines, and anthologies, including the Best of the West series. He is the recipient of scholarships from the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference and Sewanee Writers’ Conference, and was a Wallace Stegner Fellow and Marsh McCall Lecturer at Stanford University.

The reading is part of the 2015-2016 Literary Northwest Series, sponsored by the MFA Program in Creative Writing in the School of Writing, Literature, and Film. The series brings Pacific Northwest writers to OSU and is made possible with support from the OSU Libraries and Press; the OSU School of Writing, Literature, and Film; the College of Liberal Arts; Kathy Brisker and Tim Steele; and Grass Roots Books and Music.

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Susan Rodgers, 541-737-1658, susan.rodgers@oregonstate.edu 


Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives seeks crowd-funding support

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Lovers of beer and history now have an easy way to support the preservation of Oregon beer history.

The Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives at Oregon State University Libraries and Press has launched a crowd-funding campaign to help expand their hops and brewing collection at OSU’s Valley Library in Corvallis.

Begun in 2013, the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives preserves the story of hop production and the craft brewing movement in Oregon. It’s the first archive in the United States dedicated to preserving and telling the intertwined story of hops and beer, documenting all facets of the craft brewing industry, and uniting the social and cultural aspects of brewing with the sciences of OSU.

“We are really proud of all the work we’ve already done highlighting OSU’s archival collections,” said OHBA archivist, Tiah Edmunson-Morton, “ learning more about OSU’s talented scientists, hosting researchers, working with the public, meeting with the community, and attending a wonderfully wide variety of events and conferences.”

The launch of the crowd-funding campaign will help support the work of OHBA, and organizers hope to meet a $5,000 goal by the end of October.

The Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives has been able to attract state, national and international attention and been featured in publications as varied as Draft Magazine and Library Journal, as well as on radio programs such as “Think Out Loud” and “Beer Radio.” More information about OHBA’s crowd-funding effort is available at bit.ly/fundOHBA

Media Contact: 

Daniel Moret, 541-737-4112 or Daniel.moret@oregonstate.edu


Tiah Edmunson-Morton, 541-737-7387 or tiah.edmunson-morton@oregonstate.edu

OSU to present seventh International Film Festival Oct. 12-18

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Oregon State University’s seventh International Film Festival, showcasing a diverse array of movies from international cultures, will be held Oct. 12-18 in Corvallis.

The festival is organized and hosted by the School of Language, Culture and Society in the College of Liberal Arts at OSU. The festival was launched in 2009 by faculty teaching film courses in foreign language and literature to showcase the variety of international cultures.

All screenings will be held at Darkside Cinema, 215 S.W. 4th St., Corvallis. The screenings are free and open to the public but attendees need to obtain a ticket at the Darkside before entering the auditorium. Seats are limited so early arrival is encouraged.

The schedule of screenings is:

  • Oct. 12 - 6 p.m.: “Akte Grüninger,” (Grüninger's Fall), 2013, in Swiss German and German with English subtitles.

8 p.m.:  “Huo zai anjian li de ren,” (Black Coal, Thin Ice), 2014, Mandarin with English subtitles.

  • Oct. 13 - 6 p.m.: “Männer zeigen Filme & Frauen ihre Brüste,” (Men Show Movies & Women Their Breasts), 2013, German and French with English subtitles.

8 p.m.: “Gekitotsu! Satsujin ken,” (The Streetfighter), 1974, Japanese with English subtitles.

  • Oct. 14 - 6 p.m.: “Hilda,” 2014, Spanish with English subtitles.

8 p.m.: “Wacken,” 2014, in English.

  • Oct. 15 - 6 p.m.: “Was heißt hier Ende?” (Then Is It the End?), 2015, German with English subtitles.

8 p.m.: “Soshite chichi ni naru,” (Like Father, Like Son), 2014, Japanese with English subtitles.

  • Oct. 16 - 6 p.m.: “Hijo de Trauco,” (Son of Trauco), 2013, Spanish with English subtitles.

8 p.m.: “Im Keller,” (In the Basement), 2014, German with English subtitles. Note this film is for adult audiences only; some images may be disturbing to some viewers.

  • Oct. 17 - 2 p.m.: “Shana: The Wolf’s Music,” 2014, in English.

4 p.m.: “El día trajo la oscuridad,” (Darkness by Day), 2013, Spanish with English subtitles.

6 p.m.: “Die abhandene Welt,” (The Misplaced World), 2014, German, English and Italian.

8 p.m.: “Cerro Torre,” 2013, English, Spanish, German and Italian.

  • Oct. 18 - Noon: “Lola auf der Erbse,” (Lola on the Pea), German with English subtitles.

2 p.m.: “Auf das Leben!” (To Life!), 2014, German with English subtitles.

4 p.m.: “Theeb,” 2014, Arabic with English subtitles.

 For additional information about the festival or the films being screened, visit the festival web site at http://bit.ly/1t36jOz.

Media Contact: 

Sebastian Heiduschke, 541-737-3957, Sebastian.heiduschke@oregonstate.edu

OSU hires new expert in violence prevention, holds open house for resource center

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Oregon State University has hired a new assistant director for violence prevention, Michelle Bangen, and on Oct. 8 will hold a grand opening for its Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center.

Bangen has already met many people on campus to better understand what resources OSU offers, and to assess the current culture around sexual violence and other issues. At The Ohio State University, she led a nationally-recognized bystander intervention program called Buckeyes Got Your Back. Bangen said the key to convincing students to intervene in potentially escalating situations is to appeal to their core values.

“That way, what we’re asking you to do as a bystander is not far off from what you already value,” Bangen said, “so it becomes an easy ask for people, and empowers them to feel they have a stake in keeping their community safe.”

Bangen starts at a pivotal moment for Student Health Services, according to Rob Reff, director of the Alcohol, Drug and Violence Prevention Center.

“I wanted to make sure that we had expertise and strategic vision in both prevention and advocacy,” Reff said. “I could not be more pleased with the leadership that Bangen will bring to stop violence before it happens, and with the experience in trauma informed advocacy that Judy Neigbours, assistant director for the Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center, adds to our team.”

The OSU Advocacy Center for Survivors of Violence provides confidential and accessible services including a full-time advocate whose sole job is to listen to and support survivors, to help them navigate available resources, and ensure the survivor’s wishes and needs are respected.

The center will be housed in the Student Health Services Building, allowing for privacy and confidentiality, and will also put survivors within close proximity of trained sexual assault nurses if requested.

The grand opening of the center will be Thursday, Oct. 8, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in Room 311 of Plageman Student Health Center. Speakers will include OSU President Ed Ray, sexual violence survivor and advocate Brenda Tracy, and ASOSU President Cassie Huber. Refreshments will be served. For more information about the Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center, visit studenthealth.oregonstate.edu/advocacy.

Bangen wants to have OSU students look at the bystander intervention programs from Ohio State, review the curricula and see which messages resonate, and infuse the values of Oregon State students. The fraternity population will be the first community approached to be trained and to implement a version of the bystander program.

“I value getting peers from within various communities to facilitate these conversations,” Bangen said. “It has a really positive impact when a fraternity brother can go in and speak to a group of men about how these issues are popping up in their community and how they can build their skill set to address them.”

One key to Bangen’s approach is to make sure that the focus is on helping and empowering all students, rather than trying to paint one group or gender as guilty or suspect.

“Rather than speaking to potential victims or potential perpetrators, we can talk to everyone as potential bystanders,” she said. “We need everyone to use the skills they have, and we as an institution need to help build that skill set.”

Media Contact: 

Michelle Bangen, 541-737-7880

Oregon State Queer Archives to preserve, share history of LGBT experience on campus

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A new community archive dedicated to preserving and sharing the histories and experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people at Oregon State University is being established by the LGBT community at OSU.

The Oregon State Queer Archives, or OSQA, will include documents and materials as well as recorded stories from the OSU and Corvallis LGBT communities. Bradley Boovy, an assistant professor of women, gender and sexuality studies, and Natalia Fernandez, multicultural librarian at OSU, are leading the project. 

“We envision the archive less as a collection of out-of-date materials that only historians are interested in, and more as a living repository that nourishes the memories and stories of OSU’s LGBTQ+ communities for creative engagement and that will potentially help future LGBTQ students navigate life at OSU,” Boovy said.

An event to celebrate the launch of the archives will be held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Oct. 7 in the SCARC Reading Room on the fifth floor of OSU’s Valley Library, 201 S.W. Waldo Pl., Corvallis.

The event will include a screening of a documentary created by OSU honors student Kiah McConnell that showcases a number of archival materials and video interviews with LGBT community members; a discussion of ways faculty, staff, students and the community can work with the Queer Archives; and a display of some of the archive’s materials. Light refreshments will be served and the public is welcome to attend. 

Archive organizers also are interested in connecting with OSU alumni and members of the OSU community, both in Corvallis and throughout the state, who might be interested in being interviewed and sharing stories about their experiences. Archive organizers can be reached at osuqueerarchives@gmail.com.

“We hope that the archive will provide opportunities for research into the lives of people from marginalized communities as well as collaborative possibilities with research and teaching faculty who are interested in working on building the archive,” Boovy said.

Media Contact: 

Bradley Boovy, 541-737-0023, Bradley.Boovy@oregonstate.edu; Natalia Fernandez, Natalia.Fernandez@oregonstate.edu

Works of Native American artist Rick Bartow to be featured at OSU’s Little Gallery

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A selection of work from Native American artist Rick Bartow will be on display in Oregon State University’s Little Gallery Oct. 12 through Dec. 18.

A reception to celebrate the exhibit’s opening will be held from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Oct. 12, coinciding with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The reception will be held at the gallery in 210 Kidder Hall, 2000 S.W. Campus Way, Corvallis. The public is welcome to attend. 

The exhibit will include 22 of Bartow’s works on paper, including original paintings and monoprints. The works, spanning 35 years of Bartow’s career, are on loan from a private collection and several of the pieces have never been exhibited publicly before.

Bartow, a member of the Wiyot tribe of Northern California, lives and works on the Oregon coast. His work features themes of transformation, including Native American transformation stories, as well as western art traditions such as human/animal mythology. 

In 2012, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian commissioned Bartow to create an outdoor cedar sculpture, “We Were Always Here,” that overlooks the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  His work also has been exhibited in museums, galleries and universities around the world.

The Little Gallery is open 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The exhibit is free and open to the public. It is sponsored by the School of Language, Culture and Society’s World Languages and Cultures department within the College of Liberal Arts.

Media Contact: 

Helen Wilhelm, 541-737-2146, helen.wilhelm@oregonstate.edu

Multimedia Downloads

Artist Rick Bartow's Fur La Pena

Fur La Pena

Friday night football game will have impact on OSU parking

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Oregon State University students, staff and faculty should plan ahead as parking on campus will be a challenge on Friday, Sept. 25, due to a weekday home football game against Stanford University beginning at 7 p.m.

Employees are encouraged to find alternative transportation to work that day, or to park strategically, as some campus parking lots will be restricted only to those with game day passes only after 3 p.m. 

On game day, OSU parking permit holders will be allowed to park in any A, B, or C zone, regardless of their permitted zone, but some parking lots will be closing midday to employees and students to accommodate football ticketholders.

A free shuttle to and from campus will be offered to anyone who parks at the Benton County Fairgrounds beginning at 6 a.m. Friday morning and ending one hour after the conclusion of the game. The drop-off point on campus is Southwest 30th Street and Southwest Washington Way. During peak hours, the shuttle will run at least every 30 minutes (see map at 
http://bit.ly/fairgroundshuttle) This shuttle service will also be provided to residence hall permit holders. The OSU Beaver Bus service will run on its normal schedule.

Those who choose to travel to campus on Sept. 25 for work, classes or the Stanford game by utilizing Corvallis Transit System bus service are encouraged to check the bus system’s daily schedule, routes and detours online at http://www.corvallisoregon.gov/index.aspx?page=884 to ensure they have timely information about when the bus service is in operation.

The Reser Stadium parking lots and the parking garage on 26th Street (except for the fifth floor, which remains available for resident student parking) must be vacated by 1 p.m. These lots will be available to athletics-issued game-day parking passes only after 3 p.m.

Other parking areas (listed below) will be available until 3 p.m. for regular faculty/staff business day parking. After 3 p.m., however, entrance to these areas will be limited only to people with athletics-issued game-day parking permits. Employee and student vehicles already parked in these lots may remain until 5 p.m., at which time all vehicles without athletics-issued passes must vacate. Signs will be posted at the entrance of these lots. These include:


Lots between 15th Street and 11th Street, off Washington Way;


Gravel parking lot behind the Softball Complex and Hilton Garden Hotel;


The Benton Place parking lots east of Goss Stadium;


Lots off Washington Way adjacent to the Student Legacy Park (intramural fields);


The 30th Street parking lots around Peavy Hall, between Jefferson Street and Washington Way;


The 30th Street parking lot by Magruder Hall;


The 35th Street parking lot at the OSU Foundation building;


The lot off 15th Street and Western Boulevard at the University Plaza building.


For RV’s, the 30th & Campus Way gravel parking lot on the south side of Campus Way


All other faculty/staff parking lots that are designated as “Athletics Event” parking on game days are available for regular business-day parking. Employees are encouraged to vacate these lots by 5 p.m.

RVs are only allowed after 1 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 25, in the gravel lot off 35th and Campus Way, next to the Motor Pool. The lot will be shared, but Parking Services will delineate an area for the RVs, and allow residents in that lot to move their vehicles to the fourth floor of the parking garage. RV parking is also allowed on Hwy 34 and Brooklane, starting Wednesday at noon (not available to students, staff or faculty). RV’s are not permitted on campus in any other lot.

For additional game-day parking information, visit: http://beavertickets.com/gameday/parking-transportation/ . If you have questions, call the OSU Athletics event hotline at 541-737-7375 or e-mail the OSU Athletics event management staff at Event.Management@Oregonstate.edu For suggestions on alternative transportation: http://transportation.oregonstate.edu/transportation-options.

Media Contact: 

Steve Clark, 541-737-3808; steve.clark@oregonstate.edu

Experience the art of Vistas & Vineyards

CORVALLIS, Ore. - A new exhibit at Oregon State University's Giustina Gallery will celebrate the 26th anniversary of Vistas & Vineyards, from Oct. 1-30 in The LaSells Stewart Center.

A public art reception will take place from 6-8 p.m. on Oct. 1.

The Vistas and Vineyards group is comprised of Northwest artists who meet every week from mid-May to mid-October to find inspiration from the rugged mountains and lush valleys below. They use nature’s influence to paint responsive and energized 'en plein aire' style landscapes. Vistas & Vineyards is the longest continuous, plein aire group in the state.

“I’m anxious to see the artist’s interpretations of some of the new sites we visited this year, such as the Brownsville community and Detering Orchard,” said Kris Mitchell, the chair of Vistas & Vineyards.

The show will be juried by Karen Clarke, the co-owner of Schrager & Clarke Gallery. Her gallery represents some of the most established artists in the region and promotes Northwest paintings and sculpture. 

"I am extremely happy to have so many wonderful returning artists," said Tina Green-Price, curator for Giustina Gallery. "They always provide fresh perspectives of the dynamic Oregon landscape."

Gallery hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information on the gallery: http://oregonstate.edu/lasells/gallery


Tina Green –Price, 541-737-2402; tina.green-price@oregonstate.edu

OSU to move in most new students Sunday, Sept. 20

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Oregon State University will host its main day of new resident move-in on Sunday, Sept. 20, for students living in on-campus university housing.

More than 3,500 residents are expected to arrive Sunday, many with family and friends. Increased traffic and congestion are expected around campus.  More than 500 campus and community volunteers will help with move-in.

In addition, about 500 international student residents arrived earlier on Sept. 14-15, in time for new international student orientation. That and a steady trickle of other early arrivals will mean that about 1,000 additional residents will be in place on campus before the main move-in day on Sunday.

New this year, on-campus residents will enjoy several upgrades in their dining experience, including the use of reusable takeout containers, that will save an estimated 600,000 one-use containers from going to the landfill.

Other changes include late-night food delivery services that students can order using their meal plan; and a new restaurant, named Five Four One, in McNary Dining Center that features local, natural and vegan and vegetarian foods.

For more information on these events, contact University Housing & Dining Services at 541-737-4771 or housing@oregonstate.edu.



Jennifer Viña, jennifer.vina@oregonstate.edu; 541-737-8187