NCAA certifies Oregon State University intercollegiate athletics program

INDIANAPOLIS--- Following a comprehensive campus self-study and review by the NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics Certification, the Oregon State University intercollegiate athletics program received certification today by the NCAA, the organization announced at its Indiana headquarters.

OSU was one of 12 Division I programs so approved in the association’s certification process. The designation of “certified” means that “an institution operates its athletics program in substantial conformity with operating principles adopted by the Division I membership,” an NCAA news release said.

All 335 active Division I member campuses participate in the certification process, and OSU’s certification, covering its 17 intercollegiate sports programs, is good for 10 years.

OSU’s self-study, which began in summer 2008, included a review of program governance and commitment to rules compliance; academic integrity; gender/diversity issues and student-athlete wellbeing. The process included a series of public meetings allowing faculty, staff, students and members of the public opportunities to offer their thoughts or concerns on any of the areas contained in the study.

As it does with all member campuses, the Division I Committee on Athletics Certification preliminarily reviewed OSU’s certification materials and provided a list of issues identified during the evaluation. 

The university then hosted a visit by peer reviewers who filed a report regarding the institution’s resolution of issues identified during the preliminary review. The certification committee, whose members represent such institutions as Princeton, California State University and the University of Michigan, then rendered its final decision.

“I’d like to acknowledge the high level of integrity and the tremendous efforts of the faculty and staff who participated in this process,” said Rich Holdren, chair of the NCAA Self-Study Certification Steering Committee and interim vice president for Research at OSU. “Our student athletes will see real benefits for many years into the future as a result of those efforts.”


Jennifer Royer, NCAA Public and Media Relations, 317-917-6117


CORVALLIS - Oregon State University was added Thursday to list of National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I universities to be fully certified.

The announcement was made by the NCAA's Committee on Athletics Certification, which announced decisions concerning 18 member institutions.

Full certification means a university has demonstrated that it operates its athletic program in conformity with the NCAA's operating principles on rules compliance, academic and fiscal integrity, and commitment to equity.

"We are extremely pleased by the NCAA's certification of Oregon State," said OSU President Paul Risser. "The recognition acknowledges the tremendous effort made by our athletic administrators, coaches, staff and student athletes to build a program of comprehensive quality.

"In a recent study of academic performance among all universities in the nation, OSU ranked fourth in the graduation rate of its scholarship athletes with a 95 percent graduation rate. That achievement speaks highly of the students and their coaches. We're proud of that success and of our athletic programs."

Thursday's announcements bring to 86 the number of the NCAA's 302 Division I members which have now completed the certification process.

The process involves extensive self-study and review. The study requires institutions to prepare documentation on athletic department operations and academic progress. A review team, composed of peer administrators from other NCAA member universities, visits the campus to examine the documentation and meet with campus officials. The review team then reports to the NCAA Committee of Athletic Certification, which renders a final decision.

OSU's review team, headed by President John Welty of California State University, Fresno, visited the campus in 1995.


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