Study to explore use of open source software in energy industry


PORTLAND, Ore. - The Energy Sector Security Consortium and the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University will work together to study the use of open source software in the energy sector, especially as it relates to computer security, officials announced today.

Case studies and baseline data will be developed of organizations using open source software in the energy industry, its use in cybersecurity, and challenges being faced. The work is being funded through the National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization, a program partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

“With their earned reputation as a trusted, independent institution with expertise in open source software, we expect the findings will provide us with objective information on the use of open source technology in the energy community,” said Steven Parker, vice president of technology research and projects for the consortium. “This will allow us to better inform and serve our member organizations.”

The studies will be conducted over the next 10 weeks. Organizations interested in participating may contact principal investigator Deborah Bryant, at energystudy@osuosl.org.

“Open source software may offer new and exciting solutions to this vital sector,” said Curt Pederson, director of the OSU Open Source Lab.