Teacher workshop to explore sustainability, climate, other issues


CORVALLIS, Ore. – The Scientists and Teachers in Education Partnerships, or STEPS program at Oregon State University is conducting a K-12 outreach program on Aug. 11-13 focused on systems thinking, sustainability, climate change and materials cycling.

The program, funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute, is the third in a series, with previous workshops on carbon footprints and renewable energy. Another will be held next year on water and agriculture.

Teachers will explore sustainability and systems thinking with classroom-friendly simulation games, discuss evidence for climate change, trace the metals used in cell phones back to the rocks they came from, do a laboratory exercise on cleaning up an oil spill, discuss solid waste systems, learn about teaching materials available for renewable energy topics, and other activities.

About 30 teachers will attend from across Oregon. More information on the workshop is available online, at http://steps.oregonstate.edu/files/sustainability.pdf