Oregon State University Precollege Programs offers summer science camp


Twenty-five Sweet Home middle school students will come to Oregon State University next week for an Ocean Science Camp. The camp, which runs June 22-26, combines academic enrichment, mentoring and college planning through the lens of marine science.
As students gain knowledge about life in the ocean and along the coastline, they’ll also be participating in college planning activities integrated into the science curriculum. And as they make discoveries about the rich biodiversity just beyond our shores, they’ll also be given a vision of the different pathways to undergraduate education.
During their time in the camp, students will have the chance to connect with OSU student mentors who have similar economic backgrounds and who can serve as role models, demonstrating the possibilities of achieving a college education.
Families of the students are invited to a culminating mini-symposium, where they can watch students demonstrate their research projects, and where families learn more about college costs and how to prepare their students for attending college.
This fall, students and their families will come back to campus for a chance to reconnect with their mentors, and help them solidify their connection with the college experience.
The camp is a collaboration between OSU Precollege programs, Saturday Academy and the Hatfield Marine Science Center. It is made possible by a GEAR UP grant through the OUS GEARUP Project and the US Department of Education.  GEARUP is a federally funded program that aims to increase the number of low-income students who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education.