OSU graduate helping out as a legislative fellow


CORVALLIS, Ore. - How does knowledge matter in politics? Oregon Sea Grant’s new legislative fellow, Ephraim Temple, is in the process of finding out.

Throughout the 2007 Oregon legislative session, Temple, who recently completed an Oregon State University graduate degree in fisheries and wildlife (with a minor in marine resource management), is offering technical expertise on marine and coastal issues to legislators. He works specifically with the bipartisan Coastal Caucus.

At the same time, he’s learning about the legislative process and is developing the skills to work with various levels of Oregon government and with private and state resource organizations. Temple is hosted by Rep. Deborah Boone of Cannon Beach, chair of the Coastal Caucus.

While Temple’s master’s degree has equipped him with the latest academic perspectives on coastal issues, he also brings real-world experience from living in Hawaii, Tonga, Australia, and California, as well as Oregon since 2004. He’s worked on coastal policy issues, knows his way around a conversation with both fishermen and resource managers, but the legislature is something new.

When the fellowship is over at the end of this session, Temple will produce a scholarly report to the sponsoring organization, Sea Grant, analyzing the progress and final outcome of marine and coastal issues dealt with during the session.

Oregon Sea Grant, based at OSU, has been supporting the legislative fellowship since 1987.