OSU’s Zaneveld Receives Jerlov Award for Work in Ocean Optics


CORVALLIS, Ore. - J. Ronald V. Zaneveld, professor emeritus of Oregon State University’s College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, has been awarded the 2006 Jerlov Award by The Oceanography Society.

Society leaders made the award presentation recently at the Ocean Optics conference in Montréal, Canada.

This international prize recognizes contributions to the advancement of knowledge of the nature and consequences of light in the ocean. Zaneveld was cited for his outstanding contributions to optical oceanography.

In 1971 Zaneveld received his Ph.D. in oceanography at OSU and rapidly transitioned from student to the head of the Ocean Optics group, where he spent his academic career. He became an emeritus professor in 2000.

Zaneveld also has had an impressive career in the private sector, co-founding two successful ocean optics companies, Sea Tech with Robert Bartz, and Western Environmental Technology Laboratories (WET Labs) with Casey Moore. Both companies have advanced optical technologies and accelerated the oceanographic community’s access to precision optical sensors and systems.

“Like Nils Jerlov, Ron (Zaneveld) recognized the need for optical instrumentation that could be deployed in the harsh marine environment,” said Tommy Dickey, professor of geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara, at the awards reception. “Early in his career, Ron began developing optical instruments for measuring inherent optical properties. These instruments are now used for not only optical oceanography, but also biological and biogeochemical oceanography and marine geology.”

The award commemorates Nils Gunnar Jerlov, an early leader in ocean optics research.