CORVALLIS - The Associated Students of Oregon State University are setting aside the first week of November to educate students about safety concerns in the community. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, safety information will be available in the OSU Memorial Union Quad. At noon in Memorial Union Room 211, Oregon State Police will hold a pepper spray safety session.

A two-hour "Know Your Rights Forum" is set at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 3, in the MU Main Lounge. The forum has been an annual event for ASOSU. On the panel will be ASOSU lawyers Patricia Lacy, Audrey Bach and Kara Dailey, along with officers from Oregon State Police and the Corvallis Police Department.

"Students must attend this forum to gain an understanding of their rights as citizens of the U.S., their rights here in Corvallis, and on the OSU campus," said Robert Straus, ASOSU director of Community Affairs. "There are a lot of ambiguous laws out there that students might not fully understand, which the panel of professionals will be glad to answer. Students who have concerns with on- and off-campus relations with the police will be able to voice them at this forum. Overall, this is a very good way for students to improve their status as individuals by knowing their surroundings, and what is entitled to them as students at OSU and citizens of the U.S."

Thursday's focus is transportation safety with information on the Corvallis Transit System and ASOSU's Saferide.

Along with the information will be postcards for people to sign in support of increasing the number of blue light emergency stations on the OSU campus. Whistles will also be handed out throughout the week in collaboration with the Whistle Alert Program. Universities across the country have started whistle programs where participants use whistles to summon help in the event of trouble or in cases where assistance is needed.

For information contact Straus at 541-737-6356.