May 28 is Field Day at OSU's Hyslop Farm in Corvallis


CORVALLIS - Oregon State University and USDA Agricultural Research Service scientists will present their findings on cereal grain and seed crop research at the annual Hyslop Farm field day on Wednesday, May 28. This event is open to the public and will run from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Hyslop Farm is located six miles northeast of Corvallis on Granger Road, just off of Highway 20. Watch for signs.

The morning session begins with updates on wheat research, including the release of ORCF-101 herbicide-resistant wheat, the wheat quality program, septoria management, effects of wheel tracking and cereal leaf beetle controls.

The Oregon Seed Council and Valley Oregon Wheat Growers League are sponsoring a BBQ lunch, which will be prepared by the OSU Crops Club and served on-site at noon.

The afternoon program, beginning at 1 p.m., will feature seed crops research, including updates on insect pests, slugs and a variety of weeds and their control. Other topics will include residue management, spring irrigation, fertilization and no-till meadowfoam.

For a complete schedule of events, see the website at: http://cropandsoil.oregonstate.edu/News/2003/hyslop.html or contact Bill Young (seed crops; 541-737-5859) or Russ Karow (cereals; 541-737-5857), Crop and Soil Science agronomists with the OSU Extension Service or Barb Reed, Extension Crop Science office coordinator (541-737-5854).