Botswana leaders to consult with OSU-Cascades experts


BEND - A group of government leaders from the African nation of Botswana will be at Oregon State University-Cascades Campus for consultations on June 6, part of an ongoing initiative to revitalize that nation's government, economy, educational and political systems.

Leaders of Botswana's ministries in education, police, lands and housing, auditing, local government, minerals, energy and water affairs will attend an Excellence in Management workshop conducted by Marla Hacker on the OSU-Cascades Campus.

These officials are traveling to the Pacific Northwest as part of a two-week leadership program sponsored by The Performance Center, a collaborative outreach program that evolved in Oregon and now functions as a non-profit, international group.

While in Oregon, the Botswana leaders will also work with experts at St. Charles Medical Center, Hewlett Packard and other organizations.

According to OSU-Cascades officials, the Republic of Botswana has been working for several years to improve and re-invent the country's educational systems, economy, and political systems, while trying to build compassion, tolerance and pride within its people. The nation is using the Botswana Performance Management Systems implementation plan to develop strategic plans, measure its progress, train leaders, and improve other aspects of the government, and has worked closely with The Performance Center in these efforts.