Publication casts light on fishing gear


CORVALLIS - Anyone who has ever stood dockside in Astoria, Newport or anywhere else on the Oregon coast and wondered about the fishing gear and boats they have seen parading to and from the fisheries will have their questions answered by a new series of two-page flyers being released by Oregon Sea Grant.

The seven planned publications focus on different aspects of the equipment people are likely to see in a working harbor, including explanations of the equipment and the fisheries plus drawings. The first three have been released, and the additional four are planned for release in the next few weeks.

Steve Theberge, the Oregon State University Extension Sea Grant agent in Astoria, prepared the publications, revising an earlier series that was more than two decades old.

"There have been some changes in the equipment, and of course, the fisheries have changed," he said.

Theberge is well-suited to the task, having worked as a commercial fisherman, a marine educator and now as an agent for OSU Extension Sea Grant.

The flyers are illustrated by a commercial fisherman, Herb Goblirsch of Newport.

The publications are aimed at the general public, visitors to the Oregon coast, and people unfamiliar with the fishing industry, Theberge said.

"It gives people an idea of what the different boats are and what they're doing.

The flyers that already have been released include details on salmon trolling, tuna trolling and traps. The four remaining in the series will provide information on long lining, gillnets, purse seines and trawlers.

Those interested can obtain free copies of the publications at Extension Sea Grant offices in Oregon's coastal counties, or by contacting Oregon Sea Grant Communications at 322 Kerr Administration Building, Corvallis, OR 97331-2131; calling 541-737-2716, or sending e-mail to sea.grant.communications@oregonstate.edu.