University Theatre to present 'All's Well that Ends Well'


CORVALLIS - One of William Shakespeare's most intriguing and beloved comedies will be performed in August during a six-show run at Oregon State University.

The University Theatre program will present "All's Well That Ends Well," an entertaining look at the delicate relationship between fate, love and ambition, from Aug. 8-10 and Aug. 15-17 on the Withycombe Hall Theatre. All performances will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Like many Shakespearean comedies, "All's Well" offers an entertaining mix of characters, from primping fashion-mongers to lordly lords, to clowning buffoons, according to director Marion O. Rossi, a faculty member with the University Theatre program.

"This plethora of wonderful characters shows William Shakespeare at his intricate and engaging best," Rossi said, "as he wends his way between the joys and pains of love with brilliant humor, touching discoveries, and beautiful poetry."

The story follows Helena (Beth Mannion), who loves Bertram (Chris Hersh), the son of the recently widowed Countess (Charlotte Headrick) and now the new Count of Rossillion. Helena, however, is of a lower social class, and has no father or dowry. Nevertheless, she resolves to pursue her love by following him to Paris, where she will attempt to cure the dying king (Ray Lischner) and ask him in return to grant her the hand of Bertram.

Bertram, though, will have none of this and runs off to war in Italy with his comically false friend, Parolles (Andrew Beck). Determined, Helena follows him and through coincidence, planning and a wee bit of trickery, manages to meet every impossible demand placed upon her as she strives to achieve her goal.

University Theatre faculty member Barbara Mason designed the costumes; associate professor Richard George provided the multi-location set; David George, a University of Oregon student is production stage manager and lighting designer; OSU theater arts major Casey Camors is assistant stage manager.

Twenty cast members, from the OSU student body and the local community, comprise the cast (listed below). Another half dozen students worked on sets, properties and costumes.

Tickets for "All's Well That Ends Well" are priced at $10 for general admission, $7 for seniors, and $5 for students. They may be reserved beginning Aug. 5 by calling the University Theatre box office at 541-737-2784. The Withycombe Hall Theatre is located at 30th and Campus Way in Corvallis.



  • Corvallis: Meghaan Smith, an OSU student, as a young lord and Soldier "D"; Ajai Tripathi, a sophomore in exploratory studies, as a duke and a stranger; Melissa Weintraub, a graduate student at OSU, as Mariana and Maudlin; Andrew Beck, a community member, as Parolles; John Carone, a community member, as Second Lord Dumaine; Rob Hazel, an incoming freshman at OSU, as a young lord and Soldier "B"; Charlotte Headrick, a University Theatre faculty member, as the Countess; Chris Hirsh, a community member, as Bertram; Mae Jones, a community member, as Violenta and Isbel; Chris Lindsley, an OSU student, as a young lord and Soldier "C"; Ray Lischner, a community member, as the king; Beth Mannion, a senior in theater arts, as Helena; Matthew Owen, a community member, as Lafeu; Peter Platt, a community member, as Lavatch.


  • Eugene: Aaron Windeler, a sophomore in philosophy, as First Lord Dumaine.


  • Eagle Creek: Holie Barker, a sophomore in political science, as Rinalda.


  • Portland: Tyler Mackie, a sophomore in applied visual arts, as Diana.


  • New York
    New York City: Joe Metzger, an OSU student, as a young lord and Soldier "A".


  • Texas
    Sugarland: Amber Pepper, a sophomore in anthropology, as a widow.